Best Quiet Paper Shredders

In this blog, I am going to share some of the best quiet paper shredders for the office or home-based office use. As we always strive to provide the best product reviews to our valued readers keeping in mind the value of the money spent on the gadgets. So, if you are looking for some best quiet paper shredders you are in the right place to find out. So, let’s get started!

Best Quiet Paper Shredders

Even in today’s digital world, paper shredders still have a place.

They’re ideal for getting rid of sensitive documents that could lead to identity theft or a data breach of any kind.

They are also capable of shredding credit cards. At a business or home, a decent-quality paper shredder can help you get rid of unneeded paper documents.

It’s amazing how a single misplaced paper can cause so much havoc. This is why getting a paper shredder is a good idea.

When it comes to paper shredders, there are a lot of choices these days. Because the shredders are so powerful, they can also shred compact discs.

However, the cutting motion might cause the shredders to be noisy while in use. Technology has advanced to the point where it is now possible to own shredders that operate quietly and without causing any disruption.

Here are some crucial considerations to consider when shopping for quiet paper shredders.

Sentinel FM120P High-Security Shredder

  • 12-Sheets / Single-pass
  • Micro-Cut shred
  • Shreds 6 feet (72 sheets) per minute

Bonsai EverShred C149-C Heavy Duty Shredder

  • 18-Sheets / Single-pass
  • Cross-Cut Shred
  • Shreds 5.3 feet (63 sheets) per minute

Fellowes Powershred 76Ct Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

  • 16-Sheets / Single-pass
  • Cross-Cut Shred
  • Shreds 16.7 feet (200 sheets) per minute

SimplyShred PSC418D Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

  • 18-Sheets / Single-pass
  • Cross-Cut Shred
  • Shreds 8.5 feet (102 sheets) per minute

Aurora AU2280XA Professional Shredder

  • 22-Sheets / Single-pass
  • Cross-Cut Shred
  • Shreds 5.9 feet (70 sheets) per minute

Sentinel FM120P High-Security Micro-Cut Shredder

At one time, the Sentinel FM120P high-security shredder can shred up to 12 pieces of paper, a CD/DVD, and a credit card.

It contains a separate CD shredding slot that protects the other blades from damage.

It has a security rating of level 4 and can shred at a pace of 72 sheets per minute. This indicates that you will be able to complete your task quickly.

The shredder’s auto starts/stop feature, as well as the manual reverse option, make it incredibly simple to use. The operation’s user-friendliness appealed to me.

Furthermore, you won’t have to be concerned about noise because this shredder operates quietly and features casters for convenient mobility.

With the help of the 5-gallon slide-out waste bucket with a window, you can readily tell whether the container is full. This medium-to-heavy-duty shredder is ideal for use in the business, but it may also be used at home.

There are no plastic bags required because all you have to do is toss the shredded rubbish into the dumpster.

What I liked best about this shredder is that it features an overheat warning that prevents the motor from deteriorating.

It’s a dependable machine with a micro-cut shredding function that makes it simple to get rid of any secret documents.

According to customer reviews, the shredder delivers on all of its promises. It’s said to be a good machine, and frequent maintenance will ensure that it runs smoothly.

Even when used for a long time, it does not cause any jamming or thermal cut-off.

Product Needed
Sentinel FM120P High Security Micro-Cut Shredder

Bonsai EverShred C149-C Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder

The Bonsaii shredder’s revolutionary cutting mechanism, combined with its continuous working time of up to 60 minutes, makes it ideal for office use.

It’s a cross-cut shredder capable of shredding 18 sheets at once.

CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and staples can all be shredded.

What I liked best about this shredder is that it has a noise level of 62 dB, which contributes to smooth and silent functioning.

I dislike the amount of noise that any other shredder makes, and this shredder does an excellent job of limiting the noise to a minimum.

With its four casters, you can easily move this machine around. With a 6-gallon pullout waste bin, you won’t have to bother about emptying the shredder now and then.

The transparent window allows you to keep an eye on the shredder’s progress.

Are paper jams a frequent source of annoyance for you? This machine’s auto start and reverse functions keep it from being overworked.

It also contains an overheating and overloading protection feature that ensures long-term use while extending its lifespan.

The shredder’s 8.7-inch input slot can shred any legal papers or letters. The quiet motor contributes to the reduction of grinding noise. This shredder is distinguished by its innovative cooling system.

According to user feedback, the shredder operates silently while shredding documents quickly.

Product Needed
Bonsai EverShred C149-C Heavy-Duty Cross-Cut Shredder

Fellowes Powershred 76Ct Cross-Cut Heavy-Duty Office Paper Shredder

Fellowes shredder can shred 16 sheets of paper into cross-cut particles in one pass.

This machine is ideal for office use, with a speed of 200 sheets per minute.

Staples, paper clips, credit cards, DVDs, CDs, and even unopened junk mail can all be destroyed with it.

The jam buster is a unique feature of this shredder that quickly clears any jams with the push of a button.

This eliminates all of the aggravation that comes with those annoying traffic congestions.

I used to get irritated whenever there was a traffic block right when I wanted to get the most work done.

Thankfully, the jam buster that comes with the machine has fixed the problem.

This shredder is ideal for those who like a quiet and noise-free workplace. The Fellowes paper shredder is extremely quiet, making it ideal for use in the office.

It contains a 6.5-gallon pull-out bucket that can be utilized to empty the shredded pieces, so you can maintain the workplace clean.

The built-in casters make mobility a breeze. This shredder comes highly recommended because of its superb performance, speed, and run time, as well as its large sheet capacity.

It can be run continuously for 20 minutes and then cooled for 40 minutes. It is more secure than shredders that shred in strips.

The shredder works extremely well, according to user evaluations, although it does need to be oiled now and then to keep it running smoothly. It’s a heavy-duty type that’ll handle larger stacks of papers.

The shredder’s elegant appearance allows it to readily blend in with the decor of any room.

Product Needed
Fellowes Powershred 76Ct Cross-Cut Heavy-Duty Office Paper Shredder

Simply Shred PSC418D Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Because of its large bin capacity of 7.4 gallons and excellent performance, Simply Shred heavy-duty paper shredder makes the list.

It also has an extremely quiet motor that operates at a noise level of only 58 decibels.

Shredders can cause a lot of disruption in offices because they are in a shared location where everyone requires a peaceful environment. However, with this shredder’s silent motor, you won’t have to worry about that.

I’ve been on the lookout for equipment that can get the job done while making as little noise as possible.

Simply Shred’s shredder, believe me when I say, delivers on its word. It allowed me to get rid of all of my unwanted papers and cards without bothering anyone else.

Simply place the papers inside and forget about it.

The shredder also features a ready, off, and reverse switch, as well as sturdy steel cross blades. These features provide the user with complete control. Not to mention the fact that it understands energy.

The overheat and overload indicators assist users in controlling their usage and extending the shredder’s life.

This shredder has received great consumer feedback as well. This unit is said to be excellent and to operate at a fast rate.

The drawer is large enough to hold a lot of shredded paper, and the product is said to be a good value for money. To top it off, the shredder’s silent operation makes it an excellent pick.

Product Needed
Simply Shred PSC418D Cross-Cut Heavy Duty Paper Shredder

Aurora AU2280XA Professional Grade Shredder

The Aurora shredder has a 22-sheet capacity.

Credit cards, paper, little paper clips, CDs, and DVDs are all easily destroyed.

With a P-4 security rating, this product is suitable for both business and home use. It can operate nonstop for up to 30 minutes, allowing you to shred all of your undesirable documents in one go.

When using the shredder, you may encounter a jam as a result of exerting too much strain on the machine.

This shredder features an anti-jam auto-reverse technology that prevents jams from occurring in the first place. You won’t have to constantly monitor the device and can instead focus on other critical things while it works.

You can save a lot of energy by using the shredder’s auto power-off feature. It’s perfect for small and medium businesses.

The 8.5-gallon pull-out basket holds all of the shredded paper, and you may empty it regularly to keep things running smoothly.

I liked how simple the shredder’s user interface was. It contains bright LED status indications that make it easier to use. By cutting away all the useless documents, cross-cut shredding adds an added layer of security.

Because of its cutting-edge technology and outstanding performance, I highly suggest this shredder. Even though it is significantly heavier than other shredders, the device’s functions are excellent.

The shredder is said to be very user-friendly based on user reviews. Directly across the shredder’s blades, squeeze in the oil.

Product Needed
Aurora AU2280XA Professional Grade Shredder


While a result, quiet paper shredders are critical for destroying confidential information, especially as identity theft is on the rise. It’s a secure approach to getting rid of credit cards, CDs, and any other legal papers or documents.

What I appreciate best about paper shredders is that they provide a worry-free method of destroying an entire document in minutes.

After weighing all of the options, I strongly suggest the Fellowes Power Shred Cross-cut Office Shredder. It has a high speed, and capacity, and gives exceptional performance.

The shredder’s jam buster offers it an advantage over competing devices. This shredder’s operation is likewise extremely quiet, and you can count on it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best quiet paper shredders?

I have discussed in detail some of the best quiet paper shredders for home as well as office use. The shredders I have enlisted in the above blog, are very effective and efficient as well as budget-friendly. The top 5 among those are as follow:

  • Sentinel FM120P High-Security Shredder
  • Bonsai EverShred C149-C Heavy Duty Shredder
  • Fellowes Powershred 76Ct Heavy Duty Paper Shredder
  • SimplyShred PSC418D Heavy Duty Paper Shredder
  • Aurora AU2280XA Professional Shredder

Why is my paper shredder so loud?

A paper shredder’s noisy operation might also be caused by a lack of lubrication. Users can oil the blades, which can minimize noise and improve shredding capacity and efficiency when done correctly.

How loud is a shredder?

Standard large office paper shredders produce noise that is comparable to a normal conversation. Smaller under-desk shredders can be as quiet as 50 decibels (dB), which is comparable to the sound of rain falling on a driveway and considerably below the 85 dB danger level.

Are Fellowes shredders any good?

The Fellowes Powershred 99Ci 100% Jam-Proof Cross-Cut Shredder is a high-quality heavy-duty shredder. It’s quick, has a large paper capacity, can shred a variety of materials, and can run for a long period without stopping.

Is cross-cut or micro-cut better?

Most confidential documents can be securely shredded with a cross-cut shredder. When you require extra protection and peace of mind, however, a micro-cut shredder with a DIN security level of P-5 or higher is advised.

How long should a shredder last?

If you take proper care of your shredder, it should last you up to ten years. Even though many shredders claim to remove staples and paper clips, remove as much as possible to avoid damaging the shredder head and causing paper clogs.