Best Sound Deadening Curtains (A Complete Overview)

In this blog post, we will overview “best sound deadening curtains” and who needs sound deadening curtains. We will also explore how these curtains function and how to choose the right one. We will conclude this blog by giving you an overview of some of the best sound deadening curtain options available online. 

Best Sound Deadening Curtains

Let’s give you an overview of some of the best sound deadening curtains we will discuss in this blog post;

  • Linen Blackout Soundproof Curtains by H. Versailtex
  • Thermal-Insulated Curtains from The Deconovo Store
  • Sound-Blocking Curtains by The Best Home Fashion
  • Soundproof Velvet Curtains by Dreaming Casa Store
  • Noise-Blocking 100% Blackout Curtain by NICETOWN
  • Noise-Control Curtains from MIUCO Store

What are Sound Deadening Curtains?

Sound deadening curtains aren’t hugely different from our normal curtains. The only difference is that they are made from thicker and heavier material. 

We know restricting sound requires adding mass and these curtains function in the same way. By adding more mass, the passage of sound gets restricted, and desired insulation is achieved. 

Many different fabrics are used to make sound deadening curtains. You can easily find these curtains online in velvet, satin, or polyester fabrics. 

Just like normal curtains, they are available in a wide range of aesthetic options in different designs, textures, and colors. Its aesthetics is one of the leading reasons why homeowners use these curtains to soundproof their homes.

There is no shortage of awesome ways to soundproof your home yet, not all perfectly complement the interior decor. Unlike those, sound deadening curtains are one such alternative that satisfies the need to insulate without compromising on aesthetics.       

Who Needs Sound Deadening Curtains?

Before you go out to buy these curtains or order online, it is important to understand what these curtains are and what they do. 

They do restrict the passage of sound to some extent yet, they don’t make the home entirely soundproof. Their efficiency is incredible yet still, is less than other less aesthetic options. 

In simple words, these curtains are perfect for those who desire to curtail the unwanted noise in an aesthetically-pleasing way. These curtains are normally the top priority of these three categories of people;

People Living in the City Center or Metropolitan

Homes near the city center and metropolitan areas direly require sound insulation. The sounds of cars and the hustle of pedestrians create an unavoidable buzz in the home. 

People Living Near Freeways

This doesn’t need any further explanation. There is no way to narrate how annoying freeway traffic noises can be. Thus, soundproofing solutions such as sound deadening curtains become an utmost necessity for people living near the freeways. 

People Located in Heavy Construction Zones

Some areas are developed and some areas are on the verge of development. These curtains can provide certain relief to people living near construction areas where ongoing development is common. 

How Do Sound Deadening Curtains work?

Sound deadening curtains function by a simple philosophy – Mass barricades the sound. Sound easily penetrates through lightweight and thin objects and struggles to seep through thick and heavier ones. 

Sound deadening curtains are thick, heavy, and even longer than normal curtains. With thicker fabric, heavyweight, and greater drop length, these curtains attempt to barricade maximum possible passages for sound.

The simple way to understand why these curtains are so big is to know it only takes 1% uncovered space to let in 50% of the sound. So, their goal is to cover all-possible spaces and restrict the maximum possible noise.

Additionally, these curtains are denser, rough, and porous. There are logical reasons for each of these unique characteristics and each of them plays a role in providing perfect sound insulation.

Sound bounces back from a smooth and non-porous surface and finds it hard to reverberate from a rougher and porous one. The goal is to weaken or dampen the sound waves before they reach the destination. 

How to Choose the Best Sound Deadening Curtains?

While choosing the best sound deadening curtains, you need to consider a few things. These curtains are available in numerous different sizes and weights. Plus, we also need to select the right accessories such as curtain rails and supports. 

Choosing The Right Size

The standard size of a normal curtain is equal to the window size. However, that’s not the case when it comes to the sound-deadening curtains. As the goal is to cover the maximum area, the bigger the curtains the better it is. 

In choosing the curtain size always go for the bigger ones that provide maximum coverage. A foot longer than the curtain length is a good quick trick to determine the right size.

However, full-length floor-to-ceiling curtains are recommended for perfect insulation. Besides the length, it is also recommended to choose wider than normal curtains so there are deeper pleats. This greatly increases their overall insulation efficiency. 

Choosing The Right Weight

We now know that these curtains function by using mass to curtail sounds. So, the heavier the curtain is, the better insulation it will provide.

A thick and dense curtain is what you need to achieve perfect sound insulation in your home and restrict the sound reverberation. Heavy sound deadening curtains of high density also significantly curtails the passage of light. 

Choosing The Right Curtain Rails & Hooks

Large, dense, and heavy curtains require an equally good curtain rail to support the extra weight and volume. A good sound deadening curtain rail must be over a kilo else what you will get is an amazing curtain hanging lowly over a sagged rail. 

If you desire good soundproofing, it is best to replace the conventional rails with heavy-duty curtain rails made specifically for sound deadening curtains. 

You would also need heavy-duty ceiling-mounted hooks to support the rail and curtain weight. These hooks also provide you the right ceiling coverage you need to insulate homes perfectly. 

Best Sound Deadening Curtains Available Online

Linen Blackout Soundproof Curtains by H. Versailtex

Providing dual-purpose insulation, these linen blackout curtains are made of polyester yet are designed in a way to give a linen feel. Available in a 2-panel package, these curtains come in 52-inches wide panels and multiple standard sizes from 18 inches to 108 inches. 

These curtains are also shipped with 1.6-inch grommets made up of copper. As mentioned above, they provide dual insulation and protect your home from both the ingress of undesirable light and unwanted noise.

Thermal-Insulated Curtains from The Deconovo Store

Available in many vibrant and appealing curtains, these thermal-insulated curtains provide premium sound insulation. The only problem is their high popularity and demand as the best colors are often sold out in quick time. 

Made with pure Polyester, these curtains are uniform with the same color front and back sides. Similar to the first one, they also come in a 2-panel standard package and are available in multiple sizes. Their good insulation properties and solid texture make them a perfect choice for modern homes. 

Sound-Blocking Curtains by The Best Home Fashion

Normally built to block out light and provide thermal insulation, these curtains have proven to be incredibly soundproof. With triple weave technology, they provide optimum sound insulation and contribute to significant sound reduction. 

These curtains have an embedded black yarn layer sandwiched between two polyester layers. Additionally, they are available in a myriad of different sizes and colors. 

A set of two machine-washable curtain panels, they have a back tab and rod pocket design to provide good looks and a modernistic feel. 

Soundproof Velvet Curtains by Dreaming Casa Store

With a spectacular soft velvet finish, these soundproof curtains from Dreaming Casa Store are truly exceptional. With the same triple weave fabrics as the previous one, they provide optimum sound insulation. 

They are available in a wide range of standard sizes and this gives us the luxury to choose curtains that provide maximum coverage for premium sound insulation. Besides enhancing privacy and insulating sound, these curtains also make the room energy-efficient.

As for the sound insulation, their heavyweight and multi-layered construction technique is exactly what you need in a good soundproofing curtain. 

Noise-Blocking 100% Blackout Curtain by NICETOWN

NICETOWN has tons of high-quality home decor products, and these noise-blocking 100% blackout curtains surely lie near the top. Made with pure polyester, they have a dark black lining at the back to provide 100% light insulation. 

NICETOWN has made these curtains heavy, dense, and porous to achieve the desired thermal insulation and this also made them perfect for sound insulation. The black lining doubles the curtain thickness and this is the real secret behind its perfect insulation.   

Noise-Control Curtains from MIUCO Store

All the products in this list provide premium sound insulations and the same can be said for noise-control curtains from MIUCO Store. They can block up to 60% of the outside noise and their aesthetic appeal is truly unparalleled. 

Available in 18 vibrant colors, their standard sizes are slightly longer than the usual and this gives them an edge in terms of both looks and sound insulation. 

The most amazing feature of these noise-control curtains is a 3-inch wide hem at the bottom sewed with extra weights. This helps them fall better, give a sophisticated look, and wholly satisfy the need to insulate. 


This blog post reviewed in detail what sound curtains are and who needs them the most. We also discussed the factors involved in choosing the right sound deadening curtains. Additionally, we explored some of the best sound deadening curtains available online. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): What are Sound Deadening Curtains?

Do noise blocking curtains really work?

Yes, noise-blocking curtains or soundproof curtains do really work. They won’t provide you 100% insulation but they will certainly curtail a lot of noise. It is important to understand that these curtains don’t kill the sound and only dampen the noise. 

This is a simple way to make homes peaceful and quiet to some extent. If you need higher insulation, you need to install soundproof windows.  

Can heavy standard curtains block sound?

No, a standard heavy curtain cannot block sound or provide the right insulation. Soundproofing curtains aren’t just heavy but they are also denser and built with special fabric. 

Normally, these curtains do have extra layers in the middle to give greater volume and restrict sounds.     

Are there curtains that block out noise?

Yes, there are curtains that block out noise, these are called soundproofing curtains. Available in many colors, designs, and textures, soundproofing curtains use their heavy mass and extra layers to restrict sounds. 

Do blackout curtains block sound?

Yes, blackout curtains do muffle the outdoor noise to some extent but they aren’t as efficient as proper soundproofing curtains. Blackout curtains’ heavyweight aid in sound insulation yet they lack the material, layers, and porosity needed to provide perfect sound insulation. 

How do I block traffic noise in my bedroom?

Hanging soundproofing curtains is one inexpensive, effective, and aesthetically-pleasing way to block traffic noise in the bedroom. 


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