Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

In this blog, I will share some of the best soundproof room divider curtains. Curtains always play an important role in the room whether it is in a house, hospital, office, or anywhere. Curtains add value to the beauty of the place but, we can also use these curtains to reduce the noise from the surroundings or inside the room or building.

I have always provided the best product reviews keeping in view the budget and quality of the products required by my readers. So, here I am again to give you our expert opinions about the best soundproof room divider curtains through my team of professionals So, let’s get started!

Best Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

The top 5 soundproof room divider drapes to consider are listed below.

  • Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain
  • RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit
  • RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen
  • NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions
  • RHF 10′ x 8′ Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

  • High quality imported 100 percent soft polyester
  • Machine washable for easy care

Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain panel has a beautiful finish and is composed of 100% soft polyester.

It’s perfect for organizing and partitioning living spaces while keeping noise out.

Deconovo’s privacy room divider curtain provides both air thermal insulation and light reduction.

These room dividers are suitable for usage in offices, children’s bedrooms, cafes, hotels, hostels, and factories.

The room dividers are simple to install and come in a variety of colors, including grey, khaki, greyish white, navy blue, and many others.

This room divider appealed to me the most because it is both substantial and soft.

The ample height, as well as the clean and elegant style, give your area a lot of grace.

The triple-weave method is used to create the room divider, which provides thermal insulation.

Furthermore, this divider curtain offers complete seclusion, allowing you to establish a private room in your home.

You may also use it to cover patio doors, windows, and sliding glass doors instead of regular curtains. They’re simple to put together and can be used with S hooks and bendable rods.

This room divider curtain is great for partitioning the space for either a quiet sleep or work, according to user reviews. The product’s quality is excellent, and it is well worth the money.

Product Needed
Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

RoomDividersNow Premium Room Divider

  • Ceiling track and rollers
  • Hemmed and finished on all sides (Non-Flame Retardant)

These stylish heavyweight room dividers provide excellent seclusion and are simple to install.

It can be used to provide seclusion and noise reduction in a studio, workspace, shared bedroom, or similar environment.

Within minutes, you may easily divide the space.

The ceiling track room divider kit comes with everything you’ll need to partition your space. It features rollers and a ceiling track for opening and closing the kit.

This kit is a sound-blocking lifesaver, with a good balance of appearance and utility.

It’s best for rooms that are 3 to 4 feet long and 6 inches wide. These stylish room dividers will enhance the appearance of any room or space.

They are hemmed and finished on all sides for a professional look.

An installation guide is included in the package to assist you in getting it up and running quickly. Even user reviews recommend using these room dividers if you need to partition a space.

Purchasing this room divider is a good choice if you value a good night’s sleep and a tranquil environment.

According to user testimonials, the curtains are of excellent quality and weight.

It can be draped effortlessly and has the same color on both sides. It’s ideal if you want to create a zone that’s completely devoid of light or noise.

I recommend this room divider because of its high quality and low price. It is also quite simple to set up, and all you have to do is follow the instructions in the manual.

Product Needed
RoomDividersNow Premium Room Divider

RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen

  • HEAVY-DUTY: Same material back as the front
  • Reflects summer heat and winter cold

This soundproof room divider screen is composed of polyester and is imported.

It is made of an ultra-soft triple-woven fabric that provides both seclusion and a noise-free atmosphere.

With this excellent room divider screen, you can effortlessly upgrade the appearance of your room.

The RYB Home blackout room divider divides your area to create personal space, block light, and hide clutter, and it can be used as needed.

When I try to snooze but am unable to do so owing to the amount of noise around me, I find it quite stressful. This room divider screen has made it quite easy to fall asleep without being concerned about the surroundings.

Furthermore, the divider screen is made of the same material on the back and front, giving it a finished appearance. It is simple to install as well as maintain. It’s also ideal for patio sliding doors because it reflects both summer and winter heat.

The room divider’s sound dampening effect lowers noise and creates a relaxing atmosphere. According to user reports, the fabric quality is excellent, and the room divider does an excellent job of sound absorption.

Product Needed
RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen

NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions

  • Super soft, thick, and heavy triple-weave polyester fabric
  • Perfect choice to allow flexibility in a small space

If you’re looking for a dependable room divider that will help you get rid of all the unwanted noise, this NICETOWN room divider is the way to go.

Its fabric is incredibly soft, hefty, and thick, so it blocks out all unwanted noise.

Room divider drapes are an excellent way to create space without having to construct walls.

Unlike any other permanent change to the area, they let you let the light in anytime you want. Its substance absorbs sound and acts as a sound barrier.

What I enjoy best about these curtains is how simple they are to install and pack away for later use.

These curtains can be utilized in studios, hospitals, dorms, and hotels due to their high quality. It features a high-end finish that makes it extremely long-lasting.

In our attempts to partition a space, we frequently alter the room’s appearance. However, with these room dividers in place, your home will appear beautiful and unique.

The curtains are solid, and you can’t see through them, according to user reviews, thus they provide excellent privacy.

Anyone looking for a clever space solution should consider NICETOWN room dividers. It features a substantial construction that aids soundproofing.

The long-lasting and dependable room divider is ideal for any office, house, or shared space.

Product Needed
NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions

RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain

  • Crafted for luxury
  • Easy care machine washed and dried

Because of its superb features and craftsmanship, the RHF room divider makes the list.

It is dark in hue and measures 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide. This room divider divides the room neatly and provides you with much-needed personal space.

I know how difficult it is to concentrate on critical projects when all I can hear are the sounds of the neighborhood and passing cars.

This RHF room divider performs an excellent job of producing a soundproof environment that aids in noise reduction.

It looks wonderful from the inside out because the fabric and colors are the same on both sides. You also don’t have to worry about upkeep because it can be machine cleaned and dried.

The thick fabric of the divider curtain is meant to absorb the majority of noise and prevent it from reverberating.

This room divider curtain is your finest choice if you’re seeking a cost-effective approach to re-invent your home. It has a sturdy grommet ring at the top for easy installation. It’s also made to be luxurious.

According to user feedback, these room dividers not only meet but even exceed expectations!

It provides excellent privacy and is the appropriate length. It is well worth the money spent, and the divider curtains are of good quality.

Product Needed
RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain

What to consider while buying soundproof room divider curtains?

In my professional opinion I have come up with the following things to consider while purchasing a soundproof room divider:

  • Weight
  • Material
  • Curtain Rods


Consider the weight of the soundproof room divider curtain when shopping.

Heavy-weight room divider drapes reduce noise. They absorb the sound while also preventing it from reverberating back to the listener.


Choose drapes with more fibers when it comes to the material of the room divider.

Curtains made of velvet or suede, for example, are excellent noise absorbers. Furthermore, extra liners in the curtain add another layer through which the sound must pass.

The soundproofing properties of room divider drapes with blackout, thermal insulation, and heavyweight is often outstanding. They will assist you in keeping the noise in your flat to a minimum.

Curtain Rods

The rods you use for the room divider curtain should be strong enough to support its weight. The curtain rods must be strong because the soundproof room dividers are likely to be hefty.


Room dividers are an excellent space solution since they allow you to redesign your area without having to spend the money you would have spent on creating walls.

They’re ideal for lowering noise and establishing small sound-free rooms in your apartment or office.

I strongly advise purchasing the RYB Home Gray divider screen since it is constructed of excellent material and has a wide range of applications. It’s incredibly simple to set up and well worth the money.

To be honest, sharing space with others means dealing with undesired noise, odor, light, and other factors. Room dividers are the smartest and most cost-effective way to separate a room without having to erect a wall or other barriers at home.

It enables people to redecorate their homes without breaking the bank. Life is demanding. At the very least, by investing in a high-quality soundproof room divider, you can try to make it less frenetic and significantly more comfortable.

We hope you found this post useful. And you’ve already identified the best type of room divider for your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best soundproof room divider curtains?

 I have provided a detailed analysis of the best soundproof room divider curtains in the above blog, here is the list of my top 5 among them in the market:

  • Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain
  • RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Ceiling Track Room Divider Kit
  • RYB HOME Gray Room Divider Screen
  • NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions
  • RHF 10′ x 8′ Privacy Room Divider Curtain

How can I make my room divider soundproof?

The main item you’ll need for a basic soundproof room divider is acoustical foam panels. Cover the panel with the fabric of your choice and place it on the floor. Then, with a sharp pair of scissors, trim the material just enough to create an overhang.

Do soundproofing curtains work?

Yes, soundproof curtains do their job. They won’t provide perfect isolation because that would necessitate room reconstruction, but they will reduce noise and reverberations. If you want to take it a step further, soundproof windows are an option.

Will thick curtains block sound?

In general, the thicker a curtain is, the more it will absorb noise, therefore consider the weight of the curtain while making your selection. The heavier the material, the better, so look for thicker options. Suede and velvet are both thick materials, and the microfibres in softer materials help absorb more sound waves.

Do partitions block sound?

Yes, partitions do block soon as they provide a barrier between the sound carrier and the listener. It depends a lot on the quality of the product you are using. In our case we are using curtains, they are not a permanent solution to block sound but are still quiet effective to lower it down.

Do velvet curtains block sound?

Velvet and other plus curtains do not block the sound. Although they are thick and heavy but are not effective in blocking the noise or sound.