Best soundproofing blankets for windows

This blog will teach you about the best soundproofing blankets for windows, how effective they are, and what to look for when purchasing one.

As with most things soundproofing, using blankets to soundproof your windows isn’t always an easy decision. Almost any form of curtain or drape can be hung over the window to help muffle the noise. However, if you want good soundproofing, you’ll need something more solid. The choices for soundproof blankets to use on your windows are listed below.

Sound wave vibrations are blocked by blankets. The porous material captures sound waves and turns them to heat, which is then dispersed inside the blanket, preventing reverberation and echoes. They are not effective at blocking low-frequency sounds, even though thicker is better in terms of providing greater bulk to absorb sound.

There are certain benefits to using blankets to soundproof your windows. They’re quick and simple to put together. If you change your mind, they may also be readily removed. Alternatively, you may need to relocate. You can also secure your items while moving and subsequently reassemble them at your new location. If you rent or reside in a condo with a control-obsessed board, they may be the only realistic option without the inconvenience of obtaining approval. They’re a lot less expensive than installing triple-glazed laminate windows.

The most significant disadvantage is the lack of colour options. The majority of the blankets have a limited colour palette. The most common colour is black, however, some manufacturers also offer blue, white, grey, and a few other options. Which manufacturer you select to purchase from will impact your colour choices. I recommend getting the greatest blanket for your needs and then dealing with the room colour once it’s up.

What are the best soundproofing blankets for windows?

These are some of the best soundproof blankets that you can buy right now that truly works:

  • The Quiet Quilt Double Faced Quilted acoustic blanket 
  • EasyGoProducts Heavy Moving Blankets
  • Big Boxer Soundproof Blanket with Grommets

What are soundproof blankets?

A soundproof blanket is a type of blanket that is thicker and denser than regular blankets. If you look for soundproof blankets on Internet, you’ll see that they’re frequently paired with moving blankets.

They’re both the same. It’s known as a soundproof blanket when it’s used for soundproofing. Furniture and appliances are wrapped in moving blankets for safety during relocation. The materials used inside make them perfect for protecting furnishings. The same materials also prevent air from passing through the fibres, effectively preventing sound waves from propagating through the air.

These blankets are made from any or a mix of the following materials:

  • Mineral wool
  • Cotton
  • Multi-layered polyester

When purchasing a soundproof blanket, there are a few things to keep in mind. Let us first go over the things you should look for in an acoustic blanket before we give you our suggestions:


In terms of soundproofing, the thicker the material, the better. The more sound a blanket can collect and transform into thermal energy, the thicker it is. However, because of this, these blankets are quite heavy and may be difficult to hang on a wall.


What we mean by design is what the blankets were made for, not how they look. If you want to soundproof a room for recording purposes, for example, you’ll need a soundproof blanket with enough acoustic capability to block out as much lower tones as possible.

If all you want to do is strengthen your home’s soundproofing through the windows or doors, an inexpensive moving blanket would suffice. There’s a lot more to this than first appears. The object you want to cover, for example, should be taken into account while choosing a soundproof blanket. If you’re going to cover a noisy refrigerator, you’ll need a quilted pattern that can also absorb heat.


You should also consider whether the blanket is simple to put together. Grommets, like those found in curtains, are used in some blankets.

Unfortunately, the majority of people do not have them. If the blanket doesn’t already have grommets, you should add some to make it easier to install and manage.


Finally, there’s the cost. Expensive does not always imply superior quality. Cheaper blankets, on the other hand, may have less material (in quantity or quality). Check the soundproof blanket’s specifications to see if the cost is justified.

Blanket for US Cargo Control Supreme Mover

They have a Supreme Mover Blanket that is both large and basic in design. Not only is it built to withstand movement and soundproofing, but the polyester and cotton blend ensures that it will last a long time. If it gets dirty, it can be washed, but most people will keep it clean if they’re using it for soundproofing.

On the company website, there are other lighter models, but the US Cargo Control Supreme Mover seems to be the best bet. It’s still rather light at 7.5 pounds, and it’ll do a better job of soundproofing in general.


  • Great weight to it at 7.5 pounds.
  • The Colour and design are both neutral.
  • It’s well-built to last a long time.
Materials Needed
US Cargo Control Supreme Mover

Cheap Cheap Soundproof Blanket

These moving blankets are thick and hefty, weighing in at about four pounds each. This extra weight will assist these soundproofing blankets to capture outside noise by forcing the sound to travel through the larger layers, but it will also make hanging them on walls more difficult.

This problem is exacerbated by the lack of grommets on these blankets, which means you’ll have to locate a sturdy surface to mount them on.

The cheap cheap soundproofing blankets are composed of polyester and are woven in such a way that sound waves bounce off them. When many moving blankets are layered together, the impact is amplified, offering shielding from outside noise while also creating a nice acoustic effect.

The only disadvantage is that due to the weight or mass of the soundproof blanket, it is fairly difficult to install. You’ll need to hang it somewhere substantial and stable. You may believe that this is a moving blanket rather than a soundproof blanket, but believe me when I say that they operate like a charm.

Materials Needed
cheap cheap soundproofing blankets

uBoxes Moving Blankets

uBoxes moving blankets are a low-cost solution that doubles as moving blankets and can help with sound reduction. They’re not as thick as some that are just for soundproofing, but they’re still extremely beneficial in their own right.

The blankets are primarily used to protect furniture and aid in the moving process. They bring a lot of width and depth to the mix, which is something that almost every furniture owner wants. They don’t want to risk furniture damage, but what many people don’t realise is that they also serve to protect against sound.

Despite being only 3 mm thick, these blankets perform admirably when used in tandem. People may require numerous blankets because they are just 72″ x 54,” but layering them is not difficult if that is what they want to do.

Because they are so inexpensive, they are worth having on hand for any situation. Some people will use them for a variety of purposes, while others will only use them for soundproofing. They are certainly affordable, and for the large majority of people, they may be the best option.


  • Affordably priced.
  • They can also be used as moving blankets.
  • Durable.


  • Might not have the required thickness some people need.
  • A little small
Materials Needed
uBoxes moving blankets

The Quiet Quilt Double Faced Quilted acoustic blanket 

Quiet Quilt Double Faced Quilted acoustic blanket is designed for professional acoustic performance. As you might assume, it has excellent sound absorption and acoustic properties that are both sturdy and long-lasting.

These blankets are substantially thicker than regular blankets, measuring about two inches thick. This enables it to absorb noises in almost every decibel range, including low frequencies.

Even though it’s large, the Quiet Quilt Acoustic Blanket has grommets, making it easy to hang! (4 x 8 ft.) It’s not nearly as heavy as its relative, the Quiet Quilt Soundproof blanket, weighing only 15 lbs.

These sound absorption blankets are comprised of quilted fibreglass with an absorptive surface, as the name suggests. This substance and design assure that your blanket will endure a long time, unlike cheap foam, which would disintegrate as soon as someone touches or picks at it.

These sound absorption blankets are not for those looking for the lowest feasible answer, since one panel costs approximately $300. They’re most commonly seen in industrial environments, where they need to be both high-performing and long-lasting. These could be the blankets for you if you plan on keeping your blankets for a long time.

It’s for someone looking for a long-lasting solution that can also be utilised outside. This acoustic blanket is fantastic for decreasing reverb and echo, whether you operate a music studio or own a rowdy warehouse.

Materials Needed
Quiet Quilt Double Faced Quilted acoustic blanket

EasyGoProducts Heavy Moving Blankets

EasyGoProducts heavy moving blankets come in three packs, are a great value for anyone looking for something that fits specified sizes. If you need to cover a large area, keep in mind that the blankets are on the tiny side.

The good news is that they come in three packs, so most large areas will still be covered completely; nevertheless, it may be necessary to use two to complete the job.

The dispute over whether polyester or cotton is preferable continues with the hefty moving blankets, which use non-woven polyester. It’s dense and heavy, which becomes noticeable as they ascend.

Because these are primarily moving blankets, they lack the grommets that so many people prefer.

That’s a little annoying, considering it’s a heavier option, and they’ll most likely need the extra support. If someone wants to install their grommets and go from there, there is a workaround, much like the others stated above.


  • For special instances, a smaller alternative is available.
  • The inside is made of heavy recycled cotton that is extremely durable.
  • It’s great for layering.


  • There are no grommets.
  • Small size is not for everyone.
Materials Needed
EasyGoProducts heavy moving blankets 

Big Boxer Soundproof Blanket with Grommets

Big Boxer soundproof blanket is the last blanket on this list, and it’s made for big jobs. It comes with grommets and even metal loops, so it can be easily installed in almost any place.

One of these blankets, measuring 78″ by 72″, will suffice in most situations. It’s made of non-woven polyester on the outside and a cotton-polyester blend on the inside. This makes it a quite hefty and dense blanket in general, yet it still holds its folds well.


  • Quite dense.
  • Metal reinforcement rings and grommets
  • This item is machine washable.


  • The stuffing isn’t of the best quality.
  • Quickly begins to exhibit signs of ageing.
Materials Needed
Big Boxer soundproof blanket


With so many different varieties of acoustic and moving blankets available for soundproofing, it’s difficult for us to choose which one is “ideal” for windows.

In this scenario, it truly comes down to the buyer’s preference for the greatest blanket for their specific needs.

We hope that this article has provided you with all of the information you require regarding the greatest acoustic blankets available. There’s a lot to understand about soundproof blankets, and hopefully, with our assistance, you’ve covered all of your bases! If you’re still unsure, we recommend hanging sound blankets and giving them a try, I am confident you won’t be disappointed. On the other side, you might get the advantages you’re seeking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best soundproofing blankets for windows

Where should soundproof blankets be used?

You can use a soundproof blanket to soundproof anything because it is portable and easy to apply.

These blankets might, for example, be used to soundproof recording studios. However, you can use them to soundproof doors, rooms, windows, and walls.

Here’s a rundown of where soundproof blankets can be used:

  • House (door, room window, wall, and even ceiling)
  • Warehouse 
  • Dog crate
  • Recording studio
  • Insulating appliances

Can soundproof blankets block sound? 

Yes! Sound is nothing more than a vibration that propagates like a wave. These are the waves that your ears pick up and register. These waves are usually received through the air, but they can also be transmitted through solid surfaces. If a soundproof blanket can impede the passage of air, it can likewise block the passage of sound waves. Air would, of course, be able to pass through the minute openings in the blanket’s material.

What is the greatest soundproofing material for a window?

Most window frame and wall materials, including wood and drywall, bind well with acoustic caulk. Acoustic caulk is more flexible than conventional silicone caulk, and it won’t shrink or form new cracks as you use your windows; it’s also ultra-durable, lasting for several years before it needs to be re-caulked.

Is it worthwhile to invest in acoustic blankets?

If utilised properly, soundproofing blankets made of the right material will perform perfectly. While an acoustic blanket won’t stop all noise from entering or exiting a space, it will significantly reduce it. Outside noises will no longer be a source of distraction.

Do blankets help with soundproofing?

Yes! In reality, soundproofing a room with blankets is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods available. Even a standard blanket should help absorb noise and reduce echo. A blanket can be placed anyplace, including walls, windows, and doors, as long as it is thick and dense.

Is it true that bulky blankets absorb sound?

In makeshift recording studios and band rooms, they can also absorb some sound. Moving blankets or fabric blankets offer sound-absorbing properties, however, they are porous and acoustically transparent. They aren’t made to keep noise out.