Best Soundproofing Window Inserts (5 Best Inserts)

In this blog post, we will discuss, “Best Soundproofing Window Inserts”, and what are soundproofing window inserts. We will share with you some benefits of these inserts and tell you how soundproofing window inserts work. We will also cover the standard cost of the window inserts and provide you the 5 best soundproofing window inserts. 

Best Soundproofing Window Inserts

Soundproofing window inserts are designed to provide you a cost-effective and aesthetically-pleasing alternative to soundproof your windows. There are commonly different types of window inserts available with varying sound-blocking properties. Here are the five best soundproofing window inserts available online;

  • Acoustic Grade Window Inserts
  • Standard Grade Window Inserts
  • Museum Grade Window Inserts
  • Privacy Grace Window Inserts
  • Commercial Grade Window Inserts

What are Soundproof Window Inserts?

Single pane windows aren’t equipped to keep out sounds and double pane ones are relatively better yet still, not good enough. Unwanted outdoor sounds still find their way into our home through windows. That’s why we need to add another barrier or layer to better block the sounds and restrict them from disturbing our peace. 

Soundproof window inserts are solely made for this reason and add a new layer of a barricade in front of the windows. They help build a serene and peaceful indoor environment and are best termed as sound-reducers for the windows. In truth, the window inserts are highly efficient and provide better sound insulation than any normal glass pane could. Normally, a standard window insert can block up to 50% to 75% of the noise while some special ones in the market claim to provide around 95% sound insulation. 

Their exceptional noise-blocking capability isn’t the only reason why window inserts are so popular. Besides noise reduction, they do also protect against dirt, drafts, and germs and make your home more energy-efficient. 

Benefits of Soundproof Window Inserts

We have already discussed its exceptional noise-reduction characteristics and it doesn’t need any further explanation. However, there are a few other benefits of window inserts we must bring to light.  

Blocks Ultraviolet Light

Soundproof window inserts don’t just block sound waves but they also block the harmful UV rays of the sun. Continuous exposure to UV light often spoils furniture and carpets and adding these inserts helps prevent the harmful effects of ultraviolet light. 

Conserve Energy

As these inserts serve as a layer of window barricade, they also conserve energy by enhancing the efficiency of air conditioners and heaters. They help regulate the indoor temperature.

Retain Your Windows Look

Many people perceive window inserts as large sheets of metal-like material that blocks sound from entering their home. However, that’s not true as the new, modern window inserts are almost invisible. It isn’t easy to spot them at the first sight and they let you retain your window’s prestige.

Minimize Drafts and Allergens

As discussed above, they make your home more clean and hygienic by blocking the entry of allergens and drafts. This helps solve problems relating to the ingress of dust, pollen, and insects.

How Do Soundproof Window Inserts Work?

Soundproof window inserts function by creating an insulated sound trap in the space between the window and the insert. In this sound trap, sound waves are captured, absorbed, deflected, and dampened. Resultantly, only a few sound waves can pass through the trap into the home. Besides this, the presence of an air gap also cuts down the energy loss up to 60%.

In soundproof window inserts, the window’s seal holds utmost importance as even the tiniest of spaces can let in the bulk of sounds. Sound waves are like water and can easily seep through even the smallest openings. That’s why the efficiency of sound insulation always depends on the seal.  

This seal is the main reason why soundproofing window inserts are the best as other alternatives like curtains, blankets, or drapes fail to stop the leakage of sounds. 

How much Do Soundproof Window Inserts Cost?

The cost of soundproof window inserts is mainly dependent on the size and shape of the window. Your normal home window inserts can cost anything from $22 to $58 per square foot. 

As the price also depends on the shape, arched window inserts are about 15% more expensive than the standard ones. This is because its installation and fabrication are a little bit more complex than ordinary rectangular ones.

5 Best Soundproofing Window Inserts

Acoustic Grade Inserts

Acoustic grade inserts are among the best if you yearn to curtail the outside noises. They effectively block sounds up to 70% whether it’s the sound of traffic, train, or your neighbor howling dogs. These inserts are simple to install and press firmly on the window frame to seal out drafts. 

Most importantly, they don’t damage the window and still get the job done. That’s why they are the preferred choice of homeowners living in rental properties and new homes. 

Acoustic grade window insert is an extra barricade or wall that prevents the ingress of sound vibrations. They function the same way as sound deadening storm windows do. As the performance of acoustic window inserts depends on the size of the sound trap, that’s why the deeper the window frame, the better it is. 

These inserts create a tight seal to stop the entrance of sounds, drafts, and allergens. In simple words, they trap, absorb, reduce, and dampen the sounds by capturing them in the sound traps. 

Standard Grade Inserts

Next comes, standard grade window inserts. They are cost-effective and innovative window inserts designed to block noise and drafts from entering your home. Their inclusion enhances the sound-blocking capabilities of your windows and makes them function like double-insulated windows.

These inserts seamlessly blend into the window frames and are nearly invisible. If you are yearning for a cost-effective, fast, and easy-to-install alternative, standard grade window inserts are the best for you. These inserts are available in myriads of different sizes and can be customized as per your exclusive design needs. 

This allows you to add a soundproofing barricade to your window that does the trick without compromising on aesthetics. These inserts cannot be seen from the outside and are designed to fit perfectly in your window frame. 

These inserts are held at their place with the compressive force that creates an airtight seal and prevents the ingress of dust, draft, allergens, and noise. 

Museum Grade Window Inserts

Museum-grade window inserts are also perfect if you want to protect your home from harmful UV rays. This protects the furniture, artwork, and floorings from the wear and tear caused by the harmful rays of the sun. 

In numbers, these inserts can block up to 98% of the harmful UV radiation. Like other window inserts, they seamlessly blend in with the window’s frame. Museum-grade windows insert are designed with UV light protection in mind.  

Privacy Grade Window Inserts

Made with high-quality, translucent acrylic, privacy grade window inserts are multi-purpose inserts that transmit lights, yet obscures the view. Designed to help you achieve the highest standard of privacy in your home, these window inserts have many applications in the house. 

With silicone compression tubing, these inserts provide the perfect seal needed to divide the outside and inside worlds. Besides privacy, they also block up to 50% of the outside noise and help you build a serene and peaceful home. 

Commercial Grade Window Inserts

If you are searching for high-end durability then commercial grade window inserts are probably the best for you. They help you insulate and block sounds and ultraviolet rays while also conserving energy. The inclusion of commercial-grade window inserts can help you set up a perfect work environment needed to promote productivity in the workplace. 

These inserts are also scratch-resistant with a tougher exterior than other types of inserts. These are designed with durability in mind and can easily withstand the tests of time. Their applications aren’t restricted to commercial settings and you can even use them at homes if you want a durable long-term solution. 

The sound-blocking ability of commercial-grade window inserts is second to none and can effectively block up to 70% of the external sounds. This makes it a perfect sound-blocking solution for barricading your home from disturbing sounds from the outside. 


In this blog post, we discussed, “Best Soundproofing Window Inserts”, and what are soundproofing window inserts. We shared with you some benefits of these inserts and told you how soundproofing window inserts work. We also covered the standard cost of the window inserts and provided you the 5 best soundproofing window inserts. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Soundproofing Window Inserts?

Do soundproof window inserts work?

Yes, soundproofing window inserts do work exceptionally well in blocking sounds. The sound-blocking efficiency of these inserts depends on their type. Acoustic and commercial grade window inserts can effectively block up to 70% of the outdoor sounds while other alternatives like privacy grade can block around 50% of the outdoor sounds. Besides sound-blocking, they do also block UV light from entering your home and spoiling your furniture and carpets.

How much do Indow window inserts cost?

Indow window inserts range from $27 per square foot to $36 per square foot. The price even soars up to $41 per square foot on premium grade window inserts. Normally, a dealer will provide you with a complete estimate for your project including measurement and installation fees plus the local sales tax. 

Do Indow window inserts work?

Indow window inserts work perfectly in cutting out the outside noises and can block sounds up to 70%. With fine silicone edge sealings, they prevent zero leakage of sounds and also protect your home against dust, allergens, and UV light. Most importantly, they fit seamlessly into the window frame without damaging the window. 

Are window inserts worth it?

Adding a window insert is a viable option if you want to block external sounds without damaging the window frame or changing the window glass. It is a cost-friendly yet highly effective soundproofing technique to block external sounds from entering the home. Besides soundproofing, they also obscure the view to enhance privacy and block ultraviolet rays.

How can I soundproof my windows cheaply?

Here are a few best ways to soundproof your windows cheaply;

  • Strategic placement of furniture
  • Add window inserts
  • Use soundproofing blankets or curtains
  • Seal the gaps, cracks, and holes
  • Use acoustic panels
  • Add mass-loaded vinyl sheets
  • Add a double layer of glass
  • Install DIY window plug


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