Best Soundproofing Window Tape (9 Best Tapes)

In this blog post, we will talk about, “Best soundproofing window tape”, and why we should use soundproofing window tapes. We will also give you a brief review of the 9 best soundproof window tapes.

Best Soundproofing Window Tape

When it comes to buying soundproofing window tapes, there is no shortage of options and the best way to select the right one is to look for properties like fire-retardant, water-resistance, oil-resistance, shockwave-absorbing, dustproof, and anti-skidding.

Soundproofing window tapes are mostly multi-purpose and also provide optimum insulation against heat, dust, and allergens. That’s why using these tapes to seal the cavities and gap around the doors and window is pivotal to build a modern soundproof home. Here are the 9 best soundproofing window tapes available online;

  • Pyrotek Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth & Vapour Barrier Tape
  • Semin Acoustic Insulation Tape
  • LovelyTeik Gasket Insulation Tape
  • StoryStore Foam Insulation Tape
  • Fowong Adhesive Pile Weatherstripping Tape
  • Duck Brand Self-Adhesive Foam Weatherstrip Seal 
  • Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal
  • YIJUHOU Foam Seal Tape for Window Insulation
  • Fowong White Door Weatherstripping Tape

Why Use Soundproofing Window Tape?

You may wonder why we should use soundproofing window tape when we have so many better sound insulation options available. The answer is simple, soundproofing window tapes aren’t categorized as a complete soundproofing solution but are essential to make other soundproofing methods work.

No matter what soundproofing technique or material you use to soundproof your windows, you will get poor results if you leave behind holes and spaces in your window frame. In truth, about 50% of noise can seep through merely 1% of uncovered space. 

This signifies the importance of sealing these spaces and soundproofing window tape is what you need to do so. It won’t be wrong to say that without these tapes and proper covering of gaps near the window frame, your soundproofing will be 50% less efficient in blocking or insulation sounds. 

9 Best Soundproofing Window Tapes

When it comes to soundproofing window tapes, there is no shortage of options and it is best to choose the one that suits your needs and budget the best. This list is not chronological, yet gives you a random idea of the 9 best soundproofing window tapes;

Pyrotek AGC Aluminium Foil Glass Cloth and Vapour Barrier Tape

Pyrotek Tape is composed of aluminum with a glass cloth backing and functions as a thermal or heat insulation adhesive tape. Encompassing highly-efficient acrylic adhesive, it is among the best when it comes to soundproofing and heat insulation. 

Pyrotek AGC is incredibly easy-to-install and has a wide range of applications in the HVAC industry. It is best used for sealing the gaps around aluminum glass windows. Providing the perfect seal, it also cuts down moisture vapor transmission and is a tape with high-end adhesion characteristics. 

Pyrotek Tape provides optimum insulation against both heat and sound. 

Semin Acoustic Insulation Tape

Semin’s acoustic insulation tape is another high-efficient self-adhesive tape used to insulate windows and doors. With simple conventional installation, it takes merely a few minutes to seal your windows and achieve the desired sound and heat insulation. 

Composed of polyurethane, it is available in multiple height options for different sized windows. The average consumption of this tape is also incredibly good and it is an excellent cost-friendly solution to insulate windows effectively. 

LovelyTeik Gasket Insulation Tape

This gasket insulation tape is solely designed to dampen impact and airborne noise transmission in homes. It is a closed-cell foam with high-density made to provide optimum insulation for your windows and walls. 

Like many others, this insulation tape is a multi-purpose self-adhesive soundproofing tape that also works effectively well for dust particles and thermal insulation. Correct application of this tape will help you achieve the desired level of sound insulation and resolve your noise leakage concerns for years to come. 

It has a simple peel & stick application and is designed to reduce noise transfer and dissipate sound energy. Not to forget, it is easy-to-install and requires minimal maintenance. 

StoryStore Foam Insulation Tape

Made from eco-friendly material, StoryStore foam insulation tape is another effective alternative for soundproofing your windows. With closed-cell foam strips, it is easy to apply and is best for both commercial and industrial use. 

It is high-density, shock-absorbing, fire-retardant, and anti-skidding and is designed to provide soundproofing solutions that last for long. Unlike others, this is also a toxic-free insulation tape and is most commonly used as a weatherstripping tape for insulating windows and doors. 

Fowong Adhesive Pile Weatherstripping Tape

Next in line is Fowong Adhesive Pile Weatherstripping tape that is available in black, grey, and white colors. An 11/32 inch by 11/32 inch self-adhesive tape, is mainly designed as a weather seal yet has amazing sound insulation capabilities. 

They can effectively seal gaps in the sliding doors, closets, windows, and wardrobes. Highly-economical and practical, Fowong adhesive pile weatherstripping tape helps improve energy efficiency and cut down electricity bills. 

Its installation is simple and it is best to leave it to dry properly for 12 hours after installation for the best results. 

Duck Brand Self-Adhesive Foam Weatherstrip Seal 

This easy-to-install and highly customizable foam weatherstrip seal are commonly used for both sound and thermal insulations. Available in rolls of different sizes, they help you purchase the tape that is adequate for your need; not more nor less. 

You can choose the roll size and quantity as per your insulation needs and it is best for sealing out wind drafts and humidity. Composed with toxic-free materials, it also fights allergens and keeps out insects, dust, and pollens. 

Duck Brand Self-Adhesive Foam Weatherstrip Seal is available in multiple sizes including, 3/8 inch x 5/8 inch, 3/4 inch x 1/2 inch, 3/4 inch x 3/8 inch, and 3/8 x 3/16 inch. The length of the seals is usually 10 feet long though smaller ones are also available in 30 feet long seals. 

Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal

Another popular product by the Duck brand, this seal is a heavy-duty self-adhesive weatherstrip seal with a 10-year guarantee. This is one of the best sound and heat insulating door and windows tape with the ability to withstand temperatures down to -40 F.

Made with closed-cell EPDM material, Duck Brand Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal prevents the ingress of air, drafts, sound, dust, insects, and pollen in both warm and cold weather. They are usually available in 17 feet long strips. 

YIJUHOU Foam Seal Tape for Window Insulation

This high-density insulation tape for windows and doors is available in myriads of different sizes from ⅜ inch width to 1-inch width. They have 5 different thickness options from 3/16 inch thickness to 1/4 inch thickness. Length varies from 10 feet to 32 feet. 

Also available in low-density, YIJUHOU Foam Seal Tape for Window and Door Insulation is a single-sided foam tape with closed-cell seal strips. It has one of the strongest adhesion powers with good quality backing glue. 

This tape is a high-resilience, non-toxic, and flexible solution to insulate windows. It is also corrosion-resistant, shock-absorbing, moisture-proof, and non-degumming. This means it leaves behind no sticky residue on removal. These are some of the reasons why they are widely used for home and commercial window insulations.

Fowong White Door Weatherstripping Tape

Another one from Fuwong Store, this tape is a highly-rated weatherstripping tape with soundproofing functionalities. Available in different sizes, it is simply a foam seal gasket with wide applications in the home. 

Available in rolls of 15 feet length, Fuwong White Door Weatherstripping Tape is pleasing to the eye and perfect to seal and insulation modern doors and windows. Similar to other top-of-the-line sound insulation and weatherstripping tapes, it is also waterproof, moisture-resistant, non-degumming, anti-skidding, and oil-resistant. 

This implies their high-end durability and ability to withstand the tests of time and last for years and years to come. It is a rubber foam tape and is among the best as it is composed of the best sound insulation material; Rubber. 



In this blog post, we talked about, “Best soundproofing window tape”, and why we should use soundproofing window tapes. We also gave you a brief review of the 9 best soundproof window tapes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Best Soundproofing Window Tape?

How can I make my window more soundproof?

The first thing you must do to make your window more soundproof is to seal the empty gaps and spaces. You can use weatherstripping tape for this purpose or acoustic caulking. Small gaps around the window frame let it the majority of the sounds and the only to make any soundproofing measure work is by sealing these gaps. 

Afterward, you can try several different soundproofing techniques or methods to achieve the desired level of insulation. These include using double or triple glazing, using window inserts, adding sound-deadening blankets or curtains, etc.

How can I soundproof my windows cheaply?

The cheapest way to improve the soundproofing ability of your windows is to seal the gaps with acoustic caulking or any other sealant. You can also use weatherstripping tape to cover the edges around the window frame to stop the ingress of sound waves. 

Once you have done this, you can opt for cheap and effective sound-deadening curtains and blankets. Available in many thicknesses, textures, colors, and designs, they work amazingly well when it comes to insulating windows. 

Made with specialized multi-layered fabric, these blankets also provide you thermal insulation and block the sunlight. Thick acoustic shades or blinds are also cost-effective and work incredibly well. 

What are the best soundproof windows?

The best soundproof windows are the ones that limit the entrance of sound waves and help you achieve the desired level of insulation. Following are the 8 best soundproofing windows options available online;

  • Soundproof Blankets
  • Noise-Reducing Blinds
  • Laminated Glass Windows
  • Acoustic Barrier Panels
  • DIY Acoustic Plugs
  • Fiberglass Window Frames
  • Insulated Vinyl Frames
  • Double Glazing Windows

Do soundproof windows really work?

Yes, soundproof windows are effective in blocking sounds and damping vibrations due to noise. They are highly versatile and you can soundproof your windows in tons of amazing soundproofing options from soundproofing window tapes to sound-deadening blankets.

Do double pane windows block noise?

Double pane windows are relatively better than normal single pane windows in terms of noise-blocking characteristics but are still not the best. You would still have to incorporate other soundproofing techniques to achieve the desired level of sound insulation.


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