Earbuds under $10

In this article, I will be giving you details about the earbud under $10 the cheapest possible earbuds available with quality functions. Will be showing you the pros and cons of the products and their reviews as well. If you are going to buys some cheap earbuds you are at the right guide. So, let’s get started!

Do you want to get a pair of good earbuds for next to nothing? You’ve come to the correct place.

Here are the greatest earphones under ten dollars on the market right now.

Sure, cheap is frequently associated with poor quality, but this isn’t always the case. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can buy a good product for a low price. One of those instances is this one. Finding the best earphones for less than ten bucks is becoming more and more popular! Due to the flimsy quality of most medium-priced earphones, this is the case.

I’m sure you’ve tried a slew of these in-ear headphones and ended up with the same problem: one of the buds stops working! As a result, many individuals are foregoing their most wanted features in favour of very inexpensive sets.

The bad news is that the majority of these products will be of poor quality. However, there is some secret quality in almost every area that you should strive to unearth.

To meet your requirements, you should concentrate on a combination of the best attributes. While the quality will be lower than that of more expensive models, you’ll still be able to find a set that performs well without breaking the bank.

To meet these needs, we went out of our way to identify the best cheap headphones that are worth buying. These are provided below, along with an in-depth assessment to assist you in selecting the best alternative. The total performance of these products is used to determine their overall grade. This comprises all of the essential features for human use.

For example, despite your desire to spend as little as possible, you should be able to enjoy the good sound quality. Furthermore, short-term use of the buds should not cause any discomfort. Furthermore, they should be long-lasting enough to keep working for a decent period!

All of these characteristics of the best earphones under ten dollars are explored further down!

Earbuds Under 10$

  • Panasonic ErgoFit
  • JVC Gumy
  • Monoprice Earphones
  • Koss The Plug

Panasonic ErgoFit for $9.99 Sounds Good 

This Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones RP-HJE120-VA (Metalic Violet) Dynamic Crystal Clear Sound, Ergonomic Comfort-Fit comes from Panasonic company which has its name among brands.


  • Wired In-Ear Headphones — The lightweight, portable design is ideal for exercising while listening to music.
  • Perfect Fit Ergonomic Design – ErgoFit earbuds are ultra-soft and fit to your ears instantaneously, with three sets of earpads (S/M/L) for added comfort.
  • In-ear stereo audio of exceptional quality – Tonally balanced audio with sharp highs and deep bottom notes, as well as wider frequency response and vibrant sound quality for recorded music; Unit with a 9mm driver
  • Elegant Design – In-ear headphones and wired earbuds come in a rainbow of colours to fit your device, mood, or style.
  • A long, 3.6-foot headphone line with a 3.5mm stereo plug slips comfortably through clothing and bags. allowing you to connect your Panasonic earbuds to your device with ease

These Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds are, in my opinion, the best affordable earbuds available.

This company has long been known for producing high-quality items that fly under the radar, which is exactly what Ergofit does.

While the design is straightforward and to the point, the large amount of colours makes this set appealing.

We have three distinct ear tip sizes: small, medium, and large, which will help people who have a hard time finding the right fit. In general, the fit of this set is excellent, which results in enhanced comfort when worn for an extended period.


I frequently rant about the features that aren’t implemented. The simplicity of these headphones is one of the things that makes them so dependable. There isn’t a power button or volume control on the device. It’s only an audio jack.

Panasonic makes EgroFit headphones with a mic 1 for a few dollars more if you make a lot of phone calls. However, I’ve always bought the version without the microphone.

Sound Quality

If you use these buds for an extended period, the discomfort will set in, but that’s to be expected given that we’re dealing with a low-end product! Regardless, don’t disappoint us when it comes to sound quality.

The clear sound produced by this small set will wow you. This far outperformed my first expectations. Even though the build quality is plastic, these should last a long time if you take care of them.


Perhaps the most crucial aspect of the EgroFit headphones is their comfort. Comfortable in-ear headphones will last for a long time. The earbuds are light and come with three sets of silicone inserts (small, medium, and large), ensuring that they are soft, snug, and adapt to your ears.

Listening to books and podcasts while walking to the store or work is my main use case for these earbuds. My Moto G is generally connected to them. I’ve never had a problem with them falling out, except when I’m clumsy and get tangled in the cord.


This pair of headphones was purchased in 2013. They’ve gotten a lot of use since I bought them almost every day. I’ve generally listened to them on my way to work when walking or riding the metro. They don’t come with a case, so after they’re done, they’re folded up and stuffed into my pocket.

These Panasonics sound and perform better than other in-ear headphones, and at this price, it’s a no-brainer to spend less than ten dollars.

JVC Gumy Plus: Good Value in $7 

This JVC HAFX5B Headphones pair of headphones comes in with some value as low as $7.


  • 10-20,000Hz Frequency Response
  • 16 ohms Impedance
  • Wired iPhone compatibility is available as a connectivity option.

JVC’s HAFX5B Gumy Plus comes in second place, and it’s even cheaper than Panasonics. Who’d have guessed you could get a great pair of earbuds for such a low price?

JVC headphones, like Panasonic, are often overlooked but are of excellent quality.

As you would expect from a JVC product, the build quality is excellent. On top of that, we’re looking at a simple but functional overall design that comes in a variety of colours.

In terms of fit, we have three different sized ear tips, which contributes to the snug fit that this set is known for.

This means that, unlike most cheap in-ear headphones, the level of comfort you’ll enjoy will be rather high and not bothersome.

Even though the volume is a little low, we’ll still be able to hear excellent sound quality. As a result, these JVCs can compete with more expensive brands. There’s even a small amount of noise cancellation!

When you consider the price, the overall quality of these earphones is fantastic. If the price were a little higher, I’m confident it would be just as popular as it is now.

Monoprice Earphones sounds like $60 Just for $8

This is the most economical piece of earbuds Monoprice Earphones sounds good considering the quality as compared to the price of this item.


  • Design that isolates noise
  • It may be used as a hands-free communication device thanks to the inline microphone.
  • Volume control, music skipping, and phone answering are all possible with inline controls.
  • Three sizes of earphones are included.
  • Apple has certified it as an iPhone controller with a microphone.

The Monoprice in-ear headphones are a very popular pair of in-ear headphones, and Monoprice has done a fantastic job with them.

You’ll be completely amazed when you take a first glance at this product. This is due to the set’s overall construction and elegant appearance, which makes it appear to be much more expensive.

The fabric material is used to cover the cables, providing much-needed extra protection. The buds appear to be more resilient than those found in similar price ranges. Now let’s talk about the sound that was delivered! The sound quality is excellent at the price point we’re considering.

The clarity and richness are just remarkable. However, the bass is worth mentioning, as this set’s full name is Monoprice Enhanced Bass earbuds. As a result, you could be forgiven for expecting a lot of basses. However, because this isn’t a particularly heavy feature, you’ll be disappointed if this is the one you were most looking forward to.

When the chord scrapes against your clothing as you walk, you get a small bit of sound in your ears. Even while it isn’t significant, it is noticeable.

Overall, if you can overlook some of the set’s flaws, you’ll be quite impressed!

Koss The Plug

Koss the plugs are ear-shaped like plugs with an incredibly low price as compared to the quality it possesses. 


  • Technology for Connectivity: Frequency response of 16 to 23,000 Hz when wired
  • Performance of deep bass
  • a four-foot cord
  • Bluetooth is wireless communication technology.

Because the design resembles a plug, you might be concerned about how well this set would fit.

To remedy this, we offer soft expanding ear tips that will comfortably fit in your ears. Despite this, the fit is a bit of a stumbling block. This is because the tips are too large to go inside little ears.

You’ll have to wrap them up and place them as quickly as possible before they expand. Whether or not you succeed is dependent on the shape and size of your ears. You do get two other bud sizes, so you might be able to find the ideal fit. The soft buds are fairly comfortable once the right fit is obtained, so there are no concerns on this front.

Material Needed
Panasonic ErgoFit In-Ear Earbud Headphones
JVC HAFX5B Headphones
Monoprice Earphones
 Koss the plugs


When it comes to cheap earbuds, most of them will be unusable after a few months, if not weeks, of use. However, if you can find them, there are some fantastic sets to be found. We’ve done the legwork for you by conducting extensive research.

You can easily observe the outstanding attributes linked with each of our four finest earbud sets from the previous reviews. In terms of sound quality, comfort, and fit, I believe all four sets are on the same page.

As a result, choosing any 4 would be a fantastic decision, not to mention one that wouldn’t leave you with a huge hole in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best earbuds under 10$?

We have listed the best available options in earbuds under $10 they are:

Earbuds Under 10$

  • Panasonic ErgoFit
  • JVC Gumy
  • Monoprice Earphones
  • Koss The Plug

Are cheap earphones good?

The sound quality is poor. When you buy cheap headphones, you aren’t getting cutting-edge technology that will make your music sound incredible. Audio quality is lacking with low-cost headphones. Simply put, they don’t have a decent understanding of what bass is.

Is Airpod worth it?

Apple Air-Pods are popular for several reasons: they’re lightweight, simple to use, dependable, provide good sound-per-pound, and bring Siri to life in your ears. Furthermore, while they operate best with Apple products, they may be associated with any Bluetooth device, including smart TVs and smartphones.

Do earbuds mic?

Most modern earbud models include a microphone, and some of the more expensive earbuds have multiple microphones to improve sound quality. The microphone is usually found in the right earbud or a casing near the wire connecting the two buds.

Are earbuds good for phone calls?

To ensure a perfect fit, most earbuds for phone calls come with multiple sets of ear tips. Consider the design as well as the weight. True wireless earbuds are the most comfortable because they have no wires. Furthermore, properly fitting earbuds improve call quality by preventing ambient noise from entering.

Are Bluetooth earphones good for calling?

 The Bose 700 Headphones Wireless are the best Bluetooth headset we’ve tried. These over-ear headphones include an embedded microphone with the good recording quality, so your speech over the phone sounds clear and natural.