How to Fix JLab Right or Left Earbud Not Working

In this blog, I will discuss how to fix Jlab’s right or left earbud not working. We will go through every possible solution and troubleshoot the problem to resolve it. It will be a detailed analysis and solution providing a blog so don’t go anywhere. Let’s get started!

One of the most typical problems is one side of the headphones not working. Many JLab users have reported that their right or left earbud has stopped working.

This issue can be caused by a variety of factors, including incorrect initial setup, pairing problems, battery exhaustion, and, lastly, a hardware malfunction.

As a result, we’ll need to try some troubleshooting techniques. This post will show you how to fix your JLab earbuds quickly and easily.

Follow this guide in both scenarios if your right or left earbud isn’t working. Furthermore, these solutions are compatible with all JLab earbud types.

How to Fix Jlab Right or Left Earbud Not Working?

  • The initial setup was done wrong. 
  • Your Jlab earbuds must be manually reset 
  • They must be reconnected to Bluetooth 
  •  The earbuds will be damaged. 
  • Reset the Troubling Earbud
  • Reset Both Earbuds
  • Recharge the Troubling Earbud
  • Clean the Earbuds
  • Check If There Is Any Physical Damage
  • Contact the Manufacturer

Initial Setup Was Done Wrong

When using your earphones for the first time, there are a few steps that must be followed to the letter for them to be used again. Let’s go over these stages again to make sure there aren’t any issues with the first setup.

Preparing for autoconnection

The first step is to set up the earbuds so that they are ready to connect automatically. The following are the steps that you must take:

  • With your earbuds turned off, press and hold them down for 3 seconds to switch them on.
  • When they light up, you should see a solid white light on your left earbud and a flashing white light on your right.

Let’s go ahead and try our following step if we notice the right lights.

Synchronizing with Bluetooth

From your device’s Bluetooth settings, choose ‘Jlab Buds Air,’ and you should hear a voice declare ‘Bluetooth connected.’ Your earbuds should glow white at this point to confirm the connection. Check to see if you can hear via both earbuds; if not, move on to the next step.

Your Jb Earbuds Must Be Manually Reset

  • Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings and uncheck the ‘Jbuds Air’ earphones box.
  • Leave the charging case open while putting your earbuds in it.
  • Tap the button on one of your headphones four times, starting with one. Blue lights should flicker four times before becoming solid blue.
  • Do the same thing with the other earbud.
  • Take your earphones out of the charging case, keeping them at least 2 inches apart. Your left earbud should shortly turn solid white, while your right earbud will blink blue and white.

If the lights appear to be as indicated, we’ll need to reconnect the earbuds to Bluetooth.

They Must Be Reconnected to Blue Tooth

We only need to re-pair the devices at this point because we already selected to forget the Jlab entry in your device’s Bluetooth settings. With Bluetooth turned on, go to your Bluetooth settings and look for a new Jlab entry to pick. Select this to re-pair the devices and check if the problem has been resolved. If this is not the case,

It Could Be an Actual Damage to Earbuds

While these are durable earphones, any circuitry may be destroyed, and the following three considerations should be considered in such a case:

  • Crushing or dropping damage
  • When there’s a lot of humidity, heat, or cold, use this.
  • After cleaning the earbuds, they were placed in the case without being dried.

Reset the Troubling Earbud

Reset any earbuds that aren’t working properly. The reset technique may differ between JLab versions. This strategy, on the other hand, is universal.

  • Remove both earbuds from the case and switch off Bluetooth on all devices in the vicinity.
  • Manually turn off the earbuds by pressing and holding the touch sensor for a few seconds.
  • Now, press and keep both earphones together until the light indication illuminates.
  • At this point, release the functional earbud but continue to hold the non-working earpiece for a few more seconds.
  • When the earpiece starts blinking blue or white, you can let go of the grip.
  • If that doesn’t work, continue to the next option.

Reset Both Earbuds

Resetting both of your JLab earbuds is the first and most effective solution. Make sure to follow all of the instructions outlined here.

  • Place both earphones in the charging case with the lid open and turn them off.
  • Go to your smartphone’s Settings>Bluetooth menu.
  • Tap the name of your JLab earbuds and press the ‘forget’ button. Depending on your phone type, you’ll have the choice to ‘Forget,’ ‘Unpair,’ ‘Disconnect,’ or ‘Remove.’
  • After that, tap one of the earbuds rapidly and frequently for 4-7 times, or until it flashes blue three times.
  • Repeat with the other earbud while keeping them both in the charging case.
  • Take them out of the case and position them two inches apart. Connect them to your mobile device now.
  • The reset process for different JLab earbud models may differ slightly.

Recharge the Troubling Earbud

Charge any earbuds that aren’t working. Because it may not have been properly charged. While charging, make sure the earbud is firmly in contact with the contact point.

The earbud may not be put at a straight angle in the case on occasion. As a result, it is unable to charge sufficiently. Make sure you follow the charging directions to the letter.

Place the earbud in the charging case, close the top, and let it for 30 minutes to charge. Then try turning it on and pairing both buds with your Bluetooth device.

A user shared a one-of-a-kind solution to the problem. If your left earbud fails to charge, replace it with the right earbud in the charging case.

Spin it around and attempt to fit it in. Keep it there for a while and then return it to its proper location. It will begin to charge and may come to life again.

Clean the Earbuds

Something has blocked the speakers if the left or right earbud is turned on but not producing sound. As a result, the equipment must be completely cleaned.

Using a soft-bristled, clean, and brand-new toothbrush, paintbrush, or cosmetics brush is a simple cleaning approach. To clean the speaker grill, carefully move it over it.

Sucking the malfunctioning earbud is another trick. This strategy is quite useful and has aided a large number of users. The theory is that your earbuds collect earwax.

It accumulates inside and muffles the sound over time. As a result, sucking can help remove the wax.

Clean the case’s contact points and charging ports as well. They, too, are susceptible to dirt and debris.

Check If There Is Any Physical Damage

The problem must be resolved by resetting and recharging the device. If the right or left earbuds still don’t work, it’s a sign of physical damage.

You’ve either dropped them on the floor or submerged them in water. The sensitive components may be damaged if they are dropped on a hard surface.

They lose touch with one another. Gently tap your earbud with one finger to rejoin the components.

Many people discovered this approach for restoring a lost connection, and their gadget began to function again.

Water and dampness, on the other hand, will wreak havoc on your gadget. It commonly happens when you have damp hands or place wet earbuds in wet ears.

If your earbud has come into touch with water, make sure it is completely dry. Wrap the earbud in a soft towel and set it out in the sun for a while.

It’s a good idea to soak the earbud in a container of silica gel for 12 hours or overnight. Check to see if it’s working after that.

Material Needed
Silica Gel

Contact Manufacturer

The remedies provided in this tutorial appear to be effective in resolving the problem. Consult the manufacturer if your earbuds are physically broken or have defective hardware.

However, the damage should not be attributed to you rather a manufacturing flaw. If the earbuds are still under warranty, request a repair or replacement.

If none of these procedures appears to have remedied your problem, go to and look up the latest manual information for your individual Jlab earphones model. Here you will find model-specific troubleshooting information, some of which will be given in video format to assist you.

We are hopeful that these procedures will resolve the problem. If you’re still having problems with one earbud not working, look for the word support in the upper left corner of the Jlab page. This will allow you to contact Jlab’s support to check if there are any further alternatives for your earbuds.

If you accidentally damaged your earbuds, have them repaired by a local expert. If the cost of repair is prohibitive, you may want to explore getting new JLab earbuds.

We hope this information helped resolve the issue with your JLab right or left earbud. Keep in touch and keep sending us your feedback.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to fix Jlab’s right or left ear not working?

We have discussed in detail all the problems and troubleshot the issue here is the summary:

  • The initial setup was done wrong. 
  • Your Jlab earbuds must be manually reset 
  • They must be reconnected to Bluetooth 
  •  The earbuds will be damaged. 
  • Reset the Troubling Earbud
  • Reset Both Earbuds
  • Recharge the Troubling Earbud
  • Clean the Earbuds
  • Check If There Is Any Physical Damage
  • Contact the Manufacturer

Why won’t one of my JLab earbuds connect?

Before attempting again, it’s usually advisable to turn it off for a full minute. Place the JLab earbuds back in the case after removing them from your ears. Wait a minute after turning off Bluetooth on your host device. Turn the Bluetooth back on and remove the earbuds from the case to try and reestablish a connection.

Why is one side of my wireless earbuds not working?

To fix wireless headphones or Bluetooth earbuds that only operate on one side, start by rebooting your headphones; if that doesn’t fix the problem, the next step is to reset the Bluetooth and re-pairing it.

Why is my left JLab earbud not working?

Make sure Bluetooth is turned on in your device’s settings. Remove the earbuds from the charging base and wait for them to be DISCOVERED before pressing the earbuds. They’ve been reminded that they’re linked. Check that both earbuds are synced with music by removing each one from each ear and listening.

Will JLab earbuds charge while the case is charging?

Yes. A plug on the underside of the casing connects to a wall adapter/phone charger. This will charge your case while also charging your earbuds.

What happens when one earbud stops working?

If a single earbud only cuts out now and again, try twisting and taping the cable until sound returns. If twisting the cord doesn’t work, you’ll need to open the earbud and, if possible, solder the connection. You may need to purchase new earbuds in some circumstances.