How to soundproof a jeep wrangler?

In this blog, we will discuss the best effective methods to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler for a more enjoyable driving experience. While most sound-proofing techniques are straightforward, some might be time-consuming.

The Jeep Wrangler isn’t known for being the quietest vehicle on the road. Wind noise is a typical complaint about the Jeep Wrangler, primarily on the highway. One of the reasons many people don’t want one as a daily car is because of its raucous on-road ride.

Boxy vehicles will always have higher wind noise due to their design. The Wrangler also lacks a lot of insulation due to its modular design. As a result, traffic noise enters the vehicle from the sides and top.

However, you may despise it if all you can hear is your loud engine or other traffic noises during your travel. You can’t listen to the music on your stereo. Worst of all, you’ll have to shout to communicate with others in the cabin.

This, however, should never be the case. Because of the soundproofing. You may relax and enjoy your driving without being concerned about noise.

How to soundproof a jeep wrangler?

Follow the directions step-by-step to discover the most cost-efficient and practical ways to soundproof your Jeep Wrangler. In this blog, we’ll go over the majority of them. While most sound-proofing techniques are straightforward, some might be time-consuming.

  • Soundproof the Cabin and Underneath the Carpet
  • Engine Soundproofing
  • Buy Sound Deadening Headliner Kit
  • Install a Sailcloth Top Cover 
  • Change the Weatherstrips 
  • Install Aerodynamic Mirrors
  • Take a look at the Noisy Lifters


Why soundproof a jeep Wrangler?

A Jeep Wrangler that has been soundproofed will have a higher value than one that has not been. Not only will the value increase, but so will the user experience. Consider listening to music while driving in a noisy vehicle. You will not enjoy it, as previously stated. You must project a suffocating tone.

In conclusion, there are several reasons why you should soundproof your Jeep Wrangler.

  • Engine noises are no longer an issue.
  • When driving, keep road noises to a minimum.
  • Improve the acoustics in your car’s cabin.
  • Make your bass sound better.

As a result, try one of the strategies below today and enjoy your trip.

Soundproof the Cabin and Underneath the Carpet

The space beneath the cabin’s floor is usually where the majority of the road noise comes from. Insulation is the finest thing to consider. Adding a dense and thick material to the cabin floor of your jeep will help to protect while also preventing road noise from entering the vehicle. Aside from that, the soundproofing material helps to boost your beast’s durability, even while you’re on the road every day.

There are many different types of sound dampening materials on the market, and it is best to choose one that is of good quality. High-quality materials will decrease sound distortion and allow you to enjoy your favourite music while driving. The good news is that most soundproofing materials for the cabin’s floor are rather simple to install, so there’s no need to be concerned about it. The racket is deadened by a variety of handy matting. Dynamat, Fatmat Sound Deadener, and Noico Sound Deadening Mats are examples of such carpets.


Dynamat is one of the most effective sound-deadening compounds available for automobiles. It makes a car’s sound system acoustically loud. It eliminates all unpleasant outside noises. The soundproofing quality is ensured when you use Dynamat.

It costs more than the majority of sound deadeners on the market. This is because of its effectiveness. Not only does the sound deadener increase the sound quality. It also cuts down on road noise by more than half. The substance is long-lasting. It has aluminium boots on it. All other sound deadeners pale in comparison to Dynamat’s ability to attenuate a huge number of road noises.

Naico mats

Naico mats can be used to soundproof any space. They’re made specifically for use in automobiles. Moving car sounds, vibrations, and rattling are all eliminated by Naico. Its soundproofing capabilities are unrivalled in the automotive industry.

It’s perfect for soundproofing any area of the vehicle. This applies to the trunk, the floor, the roof, the doors, and any other components. Nevertheless, some people may find the rubber scent repulsive.


Fatmat  It is quite large and may be utilised practically anywhere in the car, including the top, doors, and engine compartment. A Fatmat is simple to set up. It is self-adhesive and thus simple to install. There is no additional charge for installing the mat. With a Fatmat, you get the highest possible sound quality.

Based on the mat you choose, you should first remove the carpet from the floor and install the mat directly.

Materials Needed
Naico mats

Engine Soundproofing

The car engine makes a certain amount of noise. Though it may be challenging, insulating the engine will significantly minimise noise. For the greatest experience, cover the engine hood from the inside. Cover the entire hood for much better effects. The vibrations and sounds are absorbed by the soundproof carpet. Engine insulation is best accomplished with Fatmat, Dynamat, or a range of other automotive underhood liners of your choice.

We propose Dynamat. After all, it is the best solution for engine covers because it can tolerate high temperatures. It is inexpensive and widely available. If you live or drive in cold climates, Fatmat is the ideal alternative. It will chill down the interior of your vehicle.

Buy Sound Deadening Headliner Kit

When taking long-distance travel, wind noise is a common occurrence, thus it’s a good idea to soundproof the hardtop.

Many Jeep owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the problem, thus I recommend putting custom-made jeep headliner boom mats.

The mats can help to insulate the car from noise, cold, and heat. The good news is that the majority of these mats are inexpensive and widely available. These custom-made materials usually include a stacking kit as well as a form peel. As a result, installation is usually relatively basic.

For maximum noise reduction, wrap the sound deadening material around the hardtops and along with the window. You can discuss the cabin while listening to your favourite music if your automobile is effectively soundproofed.

Materials Needed
jeep headliner boom mats

Install a Sailcloth Top Cover 

Many individuals focus on soundproofing the cabin floor rather than the ceiling. Wind and traffic noise can be a nuisance with an open jeep top. When driving, covering the top with a thick and solid material will help to reduce outside noise. Thick sailcloth tops are the most commonly suggested top covers.

Check the model of your Jeep Wrangler and make sure the lid fits correctly. Poor installation will allow noise inside the vehicle, which might create a distraction while driving. The best option is to hire a professional to complete the task on your behalf. Bestop Sailcloth tops are rated the best when it comes to sound deadening a jeep wrangler top, according to surveys and studies.

These sailcloth tops come in a variety of designs, which is why you should inspect the design of the jeep top before purchasing one for your beast.

Materials Needed
Bestop Sailcloth tops

Change the Weatherstrips 

Weather-strips could be one of the reasons why there is so much noise or why it is suddenly much colder.

If you notice the wind blowing into your Wrangler when you accelerate, you should inspect your weatherstrips, since they are most likely worn out.

Inspect to see if the existing weatherstrip is adequately sealed once you’ve pinpointed the source of the wind and noise.

If they are well-sealed but have reached the end of their useful life, you may require a replacement. You can benefit in several ways with a new weatherstrip.

  • Excellent noise reduction
  • Excellent wind protection and heat loss reduction
  • It will keep the rain out of your Wrangler’s interior

The weatherstrip is simple to install and fit, but you should probably leave it to the professionals because even the tiniest holes can cause difficulties.

to seal the edges and top of the door.

The dampening seal on the door is installed in the following procedures.

  • The height and width of your jeep wrangler door should be measured.
  • Cut the weather-stripping to the desired sizes.
  • To seal the door, put the sliced strips in position.
  • From inside, fill in the spaces. Covering your door from the outside will make it appear unattractive.
Materials Needed

Install Aerodynamic Mirrors

The majority of Jeep Wrangler side mirrors do not encourage slipstream, which is the source of the noise while driving.

Installing only add mud mirrors on the Jeep will help to reduce noise because these mirrors are known for their excellent slipstream. The mirrors allow air to move through, resulting in vibrations and certain sounds that can annoy the ears when on the road.

However, there are a lot of options on the market right now, and it’s a good idea to do some research so you can choose the best one for your beast.

Materials Needed
Mud mirrors

Take a look at the Noisy Lifters

The lifter is a tiny cylindrical element attached to the rod or rocker arm of the valve in the Jeep Wrangler engine. When the engine is turned on, the car engine part normally makes a noise. When the lifter has gathered additional dirt and filth, the problem usually occurs.

The lifter becomes worn out as a result of the filth and grime. The lifter will be replaced, which will help to reduce engine noise.


Jeep wranglers are the greatest cars for a long road journey, and the preceding soundproofing tips will help you avoid noise from the road or from the vehicle itself. The suggestions are easy to follow and quite inexpensive.

Some, though, maybe a little pricey, but they are well worth the cost. If you’ve been having trouble with noise while driving your beast, use the tips above to get a more comfortable ride.

Aside from that, the recommendations can help you extend the life of your Jeep Wrangler and reduce maintenance costs. Overall, I hope the article was helpful in sound deadening your Jeep Wrangler so you can enjoy a quiet ride.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to soundproof a jeep wrangler?

Is it possible to make a Jeep quieter?

Getting a hardtop for your Jeep Wrangler is a quick and easy way to soundproof it. A hardtop insulates the Jeep Wrangler’s cab from the elements and can reduce wind and other noises. After you’ve got a hardtop, you can add aftermarket headliners to help with noise reduction.

What’s the deal with my Jeep Wrangler being so loud?

A faulty or unclean sensor might give inaccurate data, resulting in the engine receiving too much or too little gasoline. This can cause the engine to run rough and be louder than usual. Bad or dirty spark plugs might cause the vehicle to misfire, causing it to run louder.

Which Jeep Wrangler is the quietest?

The Wrangler JL has more sound deadening and is quieter overall than the JK; nevertheless, the top is thinner, allowing wind noise to be heard and making sound insulation a must-have option.

When I accelerate, why is my Jeep so loud?

When you accelerate, a buzzing sound will be heard if the gears in your transmission system are worn out. When you accelerate, these rusty gears will hum as they try to grind against each other.

What can I do to make my Jeep soft top quieter?

Consider investing in new materials, particularly those from HushMat, to make your Jeep soft top quieter. Inspect the seals and bows as well, as these can make a lot of noise if they’re not secure. If the zippers aren’t completely closed, the same thing happens.

Why are my Jeep tyres making such a racket?

Excessive tyre noise can be caused by a variety of circumstances, including the sound of your car’s tyre tread making contact with the road The air inside the tread grooves is compressed; the larger the tread, the greater the air volume, and the noisier the tyre. a problem with the front wheel bearings

Is it better to soundproof using foam or rubber?

Rubber, as opposed to acoustic foam, would do a considerably better job of blocking and stopping sounds for soundproofing. However, they are both necessary if you want to soundproof a room, taking into account diverse sounds and strategies such as sound absorption. As a result, both foam and rubber are effective soundproofing materials.