How to soundproof a Velux Window?


In this blog, I’ll show you how to soundproof a Velux window and give you some advice on how to soundproof a Velux window at a low cost.

Roof windows are known as Velux windows. As the name implies, these windows, like skylights, are built on the roof of the home. The presence of these sorts of windows on the roof helps to illuminate the space. It also serves as an excellent ventilation system. Velux windows, on the other hand, are vulnerable to outside noise and sound. This implies that if you have these windows in your home, you may find that the room isn’t as silent as it formerly was. Rain, birds, planes, and a gust of the wind can all be heard. In some cases, this can be aggravating. Aside from the annoying noise, heat may enter the space, making it warmer than it should be. This is a problem that many of my readers have.

The problem is exacerbated among those who own recording studios. Not only is the Velux window the source of the noise, but it is also difficult to close.

How to soundproof a Velux Window?

You can soundproof a Velux window by following a few simple steps given below. However, depending on the size of the window you wish to soundproof, the approaches may differ.

  • Determine the number of panes in your window
  • Replacement of the panes
  • Filling in the gaps
  • Soundcheck board
  • Awnings for windows
  • Find the most appropriate accessories

Is it Important to Have Soundproof Velux Windows?

Noise pollution is one of the most inconvenient problems we face, and no one wants to cope with it if they don’t have to.

Noises from outside can enter your room through your Velux window, disrupting your rest or sleep. Fortunately, there are several steps we can take to limit the amount of noise we are exposed to.

It is reasonable to conclude that soundproofing your Velux window is critical. As a result, you will be able to rest and sleep without being bothered by outside noises. You don’t want any noise to wake you up while you’re sleeping.


Rain is one of the most major noise sources to contend with when using a Velux window. Other noises, on the other hand, can enter your home through the window. As a result, it’s critical to understand what aspects to consider while installing a Velux window.

The first item to think about when installing a Velux window is the glazing. Make sure your Velux window has at least two or three panes of glass. The window will be able to keep noise from entering your home in this manner.

It’s worth noting, though, that not all double or triple-paned windows are created equal. As a result, you should think about the size and space between each pane. The larger the space, the better protected you will be from unwanted sounds.

Furthermore, good installation is critical since it plays an important function in suppressing noises and keeping them from bothering you.

As a result, you should engage an expert to install your roof windows. It will assist you in ensuring that your window is securely installed with no gaps. A professional performing the task ensures that the Velux window installation will be error-free.

You can use accessories to further soundproof your Velux window once it has been installed. Soundproofing blinds, for example, can also be used to block sunlight when it becomes too hot. There are also a variety of Velux window accessories to choose from. Shutters and roof window blinds are examples of this.

Additionally, combining these three factors when having your Velux window installed will provide you with satisfactory outcomes.

Soundproofing Velox window

Single-paned Velux windows are the noisiest because they do not have enough insulation against external noises. Probably replace your single-paned Velux window with a double or perhaps triple-paned Velux window if you realize it is single-paned.

As a result, you will be able to properly suppress noise from the outside. If your window is already triple-paned but the noise remains, fibreglass insulation is another alternative.

Here are  steps that you can follow ti soundproof the Velux window:

Determine the number of panes in your window

This step can be completed graphically. Each pane is perpendicular to the others. As a result, glancing at the window from an oblique angle will allow you to see the glass’s edges.

You discovered that your Velux window is single-paned, which implies that outside noises cannot travel through it. It can amplify any sound, including rains.

Replacement of the panes

It’s time to replace your single-paned window with a double- or triple-paned one now that you’ve studied it. This step will help you to limit the amount of heat that can enter your room through the window as well as the ambient noise from outside.

A local hardware store can provide you with a double or triple-paned Velux window. The majority of the time, they additionally provide additional installation services for an additional fee.


Filling in the gaps

Closing all of the holes around the edges will undoubtedly aid soundproofing. Rubber padding or barrier matting, as well as rock wool, can be used.

Materials Needed
Rubber padding
barrier matting
rock wool

Insulate your window

Not only does the window itself play a significant role in preventing noise from intruding into your home; the installation method can also have an impact on the ultimate result. Even the most soundproof window will be useless if sounds can get through it. This necessitates the use of a professional roof window installation service. This type of window must be firmly installed and insulated, with no gaps whatsoever. This is the most effective technique to reduce noise while also making the windows more energy efficient.

fibreglass insulation

Alternatively, you can soundproof the Velux window with fibreglass insulation. The installer will layer the fibreglass around the shaft of your Velux window. As a result, the amount of noise that enters your Velux window will be greatly decreased.

Fibreglass can be installed in double or triple-paned windows. As a result, the noise coming in via the window will be reduced even more.

Materials Needed
fibreglass insulation

Soundcheck board

If you have a Velux window in your recording studio, using a soundcheck board is one of the finest ways to reduce the sound.

However, if you choose to go this route, I recommend using a double layer, especially during recording, to optimise the impact. To secure the soundcheck board, use latches, a plinth, or a sill at the bottom.

However, I discovered that one layer of plasterboard will suffice, albeit this is dependent on where you live. Although you can still hear the traffic and rain, the volume has been decreased greatly. 

Materials Needed
soundcheck board

Awnings for windows

Awning windows have a hinged top and open outward from the bottom, providing ventilation and weather protection. For seclusion or to get a better view, they’re frequently placed higher on walls. Window awnings might be beneficial as well. It acts as a permanent protection against heat or noise. This is the best solution in most circumstances.

Find the most appropriate accessories

Noise-cancelling blinds are another option for keeping your house serene and quiet. Skylight blinds and accessories come in a variety of styles, from shutters to basic roof window shades. Not only will blinds block out noise, but they will also keep the sun from disturbing you and warming your rooms. 

Materials Needed
Noise-cancelling blinds

Combining all of the above-mentioned Feasible options is the most effective strategy to achieve the most satisfactory results. In this manner, you’ll ensure that noises not only rain-related noises, but all kinds of noises don’t bother you. There is no single strategy that works in every case. As a result, what works for my Velux window might not work for you.

Variability can be caused by a variety of circumstances. The most common is the nature of the window itself. It is a weak point of the roof since it is not very noise-resistant.

Final thoughts

Last but not least, soundproofing Velux windows is difficult. This is because they are not ordinary windows that can be easily soundproofed with noise-cancelling drapes.

The outcome is not always flawless in most circumstances (especially if the method or material is ineffective). Many people believe that the noise connected with Velux windows has nothing to do with them.

Some people make an effort to become acclimated to ambient noise. However, if you are sensitive to noise, soundproofing the Velux window will make a significant impact. I hope this basic guide to soundproofing Velux windows has been helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): How to soundproof a Velux Window?

Is it possible to soundproof an existing window?

Existing windows may be soundproofed, which is a wonderful way to save money. You’ll also avoid having a major building project in your home. If you use a soundproof curtain, for example, you will be able to take your investment with you when you move.

How do I silence the rain on my roof windows?

Heavy rain will be muffled by blinds that are fitted on the exterior of the window. They are designed to filter the sun’s rays before they contact the glass, preventing the room from becoming too hot. Install a few shutters. Although shutters are a costly alternative, they can help reduce rain noise.

Are skylights a source of the noise?

Because single-paned skylights emit more noise, replacing them with double- or triple-paned skylights may be beneficial. The space between the roof skylight and the roof can be used to reduce the sound of rain falling on a roof. You can utilise glass skylights instead of plastic skylights because they are significantly more durable.

What is the definition of a window plug?

A window plug is a soundproof sponge that absorbs, reflects, and blocks sound. Outdoor noise pollution, such as traffic noise, loud neighbours, and other undesirable sounds, will be reduced the most with an airtight fit.

Is it true that double-glazed windows are soundproof?

Furthermore, there are no gaps or fractures around the window when double glazing is properly installed, allowing noise to pass through. Double-glazed windows can reduce sound levels by up to 31 dB. They will not, however, be soundproof.

Is it true that double-paned windows are soundproof?

Noise-Stopping Capabilities of Double Pane Windows are Poor. While double pane windows do reduce noise slightly more than single-pane windows, IGU (dual pane) glass is ineffective. It becomes quite quiet in a calm setting. In a noisy environment, the difference is almost imperceptible.

Is noise reduction possible with window film?

Window films with acoustic dampening properties are an efficient approach to lessen annoying traffic noise. These films restrict the capacity of glass panes to vibrate, efficiently absorbing noise, reducing unwanted sound, and resulting in effective noise-control windows.