How to Soundproof Xbox360

In this article I will discuss in detail the possible solutions to make xbox360 soundproof, if we are not able to completely soundproof the xbox360, we definitely will be able to quieten it to an extent that it will just feel like a soundproof. So, let’s get started!

The Xbox 360 is appealing for a variety of reasons. It’s a true next-gen system with high-definition pictures that costs a fraction of the PlayStation 3. But it isn’t all sunshine and roses.

Having an Xbox can be a lot of fun! Microsoft has often demonstrated its ability to compete in the highly competitive video gaming sector. The Xbox One X is the company’s most recent flagship, and it’s taking the world by storm.

The Xbox fan, on the other hand, is a popular gripe among gamers. Many gamers who want to fully immerse themselves in their game are plagued by loud Xbox fans. While this is a typical aspect of the Xbox One X, fans that are constantly noisy may eventually become a nuisance in your home.

Without a doubt, the Xbox 360 has problems. The system’s most obvious issue, and the one you’ll hear about the most from most users, is how noisy it is.

When you’re idling on the Dashboard system interface, the 360 isn’t too bad: it’s not as quiet as a whisper, but it’s also not distracting. It’s a different storey when you turn on a game. When the DVD-ROM drive is spun up to 12x speed, it generates a lot of noise.

How to Soundproof Xbox360?

Even though the Xbox 360 is not a silent console, you may reduce the amount of noise it makes by implementing the tips below.

  • Increase the volume on your TV 
  • Purchase a TV stand with a closed front 
  • Consider using a quieter power supply adapter 
  • Purchase Noise-Canceling Headphones 
  • Put the Xbox in a separate room 
  • Place your consoles in a separate cabinet 
  • Put the Xbox in a separate room
  • Apply Sufficient Ventilation
  • Install Games on Hard-Drive Instead of Running From Disk

Why Do Xbox Fans Get Loud?

Your Xbox, like other devices, is programmed to keep track of its temperature. This is to keep it from overheating and damaging its delicate internal components. As the temperature rises, the fans must compensate by operating faster. When left unattended, these fans can become extremely loud.

There are a variety of reasons why Xbox enthusiasts are so noisy. The most likely cause is that your Xbox is overheating while in use.

When you’re trying to get your Xbox fans to stop whirling, the first thing you need to do is figure out why they get so hot.

What to Do When You Have A Loud Xbox Fan?

While having a noisy Xbox One fan is inconvenient, a remedy may not be difficult to find. Here’s a quick list of things you can try if your console starts up sounding like a jet engine.

Material Needed
Compressed Air
Cooling Mat
 Dustproof Coverings

Increase Volume on Your TV

Of course, this isn’t the ideal solution, but it’s cheap and worth a go.

If the buzz isn’t too loud, bump up the volume on your TV to drown out the fan and CD-ROM noises.

Once again, this is not a solution you should stick to. Others in the room may find it revolting, so keep reading to learn about other options.

Purchase a TV Stand with A Closed Front

Investing in a new TV stand is a far better alternative. The TV stand will not only help you muffle noise, but it will also offer your living room a fresh new look.

So that the noise does not come at you in waves, look for a TV stand that is closed in the front. However, cables would need to pass through it, thus it would have to be opened from the back.

Even those that are open at the back can muffle and disguise sound effectively. They’ll also let some air inside your Xbox because they’re open, allowing it to stay aired and not overheat.

Material Needed
TV Stands

Consider Using A Quieter Power Supply Adaptor

A quitter power supply adaptor is another option for making your Xbox quieter. The brick Xbox power supply is what I recommend. This is a worthwhile approach to noise reduction.

It is reasonably priced, so you will not have to spend a lot of money on it. It is compatible with all Xbox One consoles and has long battery life. It’s something I’d strongly advise everyone who suffers from console noise.

Material Needed
Brick Xbox Power Supply

Purchase Noise Cancellation Headphones

If you play Xbox regularly, the headphones can be a decent choice. They’re a terrific alternative even if you don’t. The truth is that if you want a good pair, you’ll have to invest some money.

Again, this isn’t a perfect solution because not everyone in the room can use them, but it will add to the excitement for those of you who are playing.

Hearing the activity so close to your ear gives you the impression of being right in the centre of it. Almost all of these headphones come with a microphone, so you can instantly communicate with one another if needed. COWIN E7 is the one I would suggest. They do have a built-in microphone. They aren’t either unreasonably expensive or prohibitively expensive.

Even my small child, who believes that more expensive = better, commented that they are adequate for him and that I enjoyed them as well. Here are a few more possibilities if you’re looking for a more serious pair of headphones:

Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2

Material Needed
Plantronics Wireless Noise Cancelling Backbeat
 Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2

Put Xbox In A Separate Room

Another alternative is to play your Xbox in a room other than the one in which you are now seated. Only one problem exists, and that is with the cabling.

You’ll need to get some bale extensions for this option because it’s not very common to have your console in another room, and the cables that come with it are very short for that reason.

Not only is it inconvenient to purchase and run cables throughout your home, but they are also unattractive and unsafe to keep on the floor. If you decide to go this route, I strongly advise you to purchase and install cable covers as well.

These cable covers will conceal unsightly cables while also protecting people from tripping over them, which is especially important if you have elderly people or small children roaming around the house.

Furthermore, it would eliminate the anxiety and annoyance of your console or television tumbling out of place if the cables were tripped over.

Place Your Console in A Separate Room

Instead of installing your console in a different room and running extra cabling around your home, you may put it in a spare cabinet.

This time, you’ll need a little more cabling, but not nearly as much as when you’re installing it in another room. This approach, however, has a flaw: it overheats.

It will be tough for it to be “healthy” and work for a long time if it is kept closed in that cupboard with no ventilation because the cupboard will be closed and the console will be heating when it is operating.

There is a remedy to this as well. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a ventilation system in the cabinet where your consoles are kept. And this may be the best approach to make your Xbox quieter. Alternatively, you may simply avoid interfering with your gaming sessions.

Apply Sufficient Ventilation

Ensure that the XBOX is not crammed between other appliances and that there is sufficient air supply. As a result, the fan will begin to make a loud noise as the heat rises. To allow appropriate ventilation beneath the device, increase the device’s feet with a piece of foam rubber or similar material.

Examine the fan opening to ensure it is not clogged. An external fan is a fantastic investment if you still have room on your console. The additional cooler is USB-connected and has multiple programme levels.

Install Games on Hard-Drive Instead of Running from Disk

Playing games from the hard drive is the first thing you should do if you want to make your Xbox quieter. 

Even if it’s just sitting there doing nothing, I’m well aware that it’s not silent, but it’s certainly quieter than when games are being played.

Another thing that is causing a lot of noise in your Xbox is the CD spinning.

It makes an unpleasant hum when you put a game inside and the CD-ROM starts spinning and whirling.

Your problem isn’t just with the console overheating. To avoid this type of noise, install the games directly on the console and play them from there rather than from the disc.

There’d be nothing to flip and spin, no buzz to discourage you from paying attention to the game.


The Xbox has been a fantastic addition to any gamer’s arsenal since its release. The newer Xbox One X has left its imprint on the Xbox brand’s history and is a device that anybody can enjoy gaming on.

Even though the fan might be rather loud, most users will find that a little cleaning and patience is all that is required to fully enjoy your Xbox once more!

I hope that these few steps and suggestions assisted you in determining the best course of action for you. You don’t need to go out and buy some white noise machines or chastise your child for playing for too long while your nerves are jangling.

Simply follow these simple steps to create a healthy environment in your house. You and your children will be able to play some of the video games without bothering the other people in the room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to soundproof xbox360?

We have discussed in detail about soundproofing xbox360 here is the summary:

  • Increase the volume on your TV 
  • Purchase a TV stand with a closed front 
  • Consider using a quieter power supply adapter 
  • Purchase Noise-Canceling Headphones 
  • Put the Xbox in a separate room 
  • Place your consoles in a separate cabinet 
  • Put the Xbox in a separate room
  • Apply Sufficient Ventilation
  • Install Games on Hard-Drive Instead of Running from Disk

Are Xbox 360 supposed to be loud?

The 360 isn’t so horrible when you’re idling on the Dashboard system interface. It’s not as quiet as a whisper, but it’s not distracting either. When you put a game on, it’s a different story. That DVD-ROM drive makes a lot of noise when it spins up to a maximum 12x speed.

Is Xbox 360 slim quieter?

Actually, yes. While the launch of the new Xbox 360 thin last week promised significant improvements to the console, many people were left wondering if the machine was indeed quieter than the existing model. We got a new one today and put a few games in it to see what would happen.

Why does my Xbox hum so loud?

When the Xbox One is set on the console’s desktop without a game running. The noise is thought to be a coil whine, which happens when the console’s power is drawn at a lower level.

Why does my Xbox One sound like a jet engine?

The fan on the console is meant to kick into high gear when it starts to become heated from the surrounding environment or by generating a lot of heat when playing a game. When your hard disc is excessively full, some customers claim that the fan also becomes loud.

Why are my fans so loud?

Fans on desktops and laptops that are too loud could be faulty. There could also be a problem with the firmware for the hardware component that drives the errant fan. Your processor is overworked. A computer fan that makes noise out of nowhere may signal a problem with high CPU consumption.