Rats in Wall Noise

In this blog, we will discuss today all the details about the mysterious noises coming out of the walls at night time, or sometimes at daytime as well. What do they sound like and what can be the possible reason for this noise etc? This all will be covered in today’s blog, all the things … Read more

Does triple glazing reduce noise?

This blog post will respond to the question, “Does triple glazing reduce noise?” and will address topics such as what research shows, the benefits of triple glazing, and how to minimise noise with triple glazing. Does triple glazing reduce noise? Both yes and no. When compared to regular double glazing, triple glazing can reduce noise … Read more

How to quieten Xbox 360?

In this blog, I’ll show you how to quieten your Xbox 360. These simple techniques will help you and your family live in harmony. There are numerous reasons to enjoy the Xbox 360. It’s a true next-gen console with high-definition images at a fraction of the price of the PlayStation 3. But it isn’t all roses … Read more