how to build a soundproof drum riser

I’ll show you how to make a soundproof drum riser for an electronic drum set in this blog. The construction of a drum riser is a relatively inexpensive and extremely effective method of preventing vibrations from entering the floor and bothering anybody. Vibrations from an electronic drum set pass through the drum kit’s frame and into … Read more

How to soundproof a restroom

In this blog, we’ll go through the proven and tested methods for soundproofing your restroom. You’ll be able to go to the restroom, shower, and shave without bothering your family or housemates by soundproofing your restroom. Restroom noises aren’t normally ones you like to broadcast throughout the home, but due to the design and placement of several modern … Read more

How to soundproof  the Polaris ranger

In this blog, I’ll show you how to soundproof your Polaris Ranger. I’ll go over Polaris Ranger noise removal kits, Polaris Ranger noise deadening materials, as well as other products that can help you reduce the noise level on your Polaris Ranger. Even though some Polaris Ranger variants are marginally noisier than others, your Polaris … Read more