Soundproof retractable wall

In this blog, I will share some best soundproof retractable walls which can be utilized in homes, offices, studios anywhere. Will be sharing all relevant details about them so that you decide the best available option for you. So, if you are looking for some best retractable walls options for your office or any other purpose you are in the right place. So, let’s get started!

You sometimes need peace and seclusion to do your work, but you can’t seem to locate it. You’re in a commonplace with no further rooms. Acoustic room dividers make it simple to isolate yourself from the rest of the room and create your own private space.

Portable soundproof walls are beneficial in a variety of scenarios, including shared residences, recording studios, home offices, and even workstation privacy at the office. In this post, we’ll go through some of the top ones on the market before delving deeper into their benefits and applications. 

What Is Soundproof Retractable Wall?

Partitions are retractable walls that can be dismantled into smaller sections. They frequently take the form of accordion-style folding walls. They can also be installed on a sliding system. They’re lightweight and simple to assemble, letting you create a private retreat almost anywhere, even in an open office.

Acoustic partitions are noise-reducing and privacy-enhancing dividers with added sound dampening properties. These soundproof retractable walls are a low-cost method to establish a quiet workplace environment in any common space. The acoustic partition’s sound-absorbing materials will provide relief from the surrounding noise.

Types of Retractable Wall

  • Sliding

Sliding retractable walls are held together by a rail that allows them to glide together and apart. These are frequently constructed in larger spaces in buildings such as schools.

  • Rolling

Rolling retractable walls are designed with wheels so that they may be easily moved and adjusted. For ease of use, they’re frequently fashioned as foldable partitions on wheels.

  • Folding

Folding retractable dividers are made up of several smaller panels joined by hinges. This enables them to fold up and closed in the same way as an accordion does.

Soundproof Retractable Wall Material

  • Acoustic Retractable Wall Panels
  • Polycarbonate Retractable Wall Panels

Acoustic Panels

The majority of sound-dampening room separators are built of acoustic materials similar to those used in recording studio sound control panels. They’re largely made of sound-absorbing stiff insulating panels that are excellent at noise reduction.

The core insulation is surrounded by a thin metal frame that holds everything together. The finished look is achieved by wrapping acoustic fabric around the insulation panels without affecting the sound-absorbing properties. Because the acoustical fabric is so adaptable, they come in a variety of colours.

Polycarbonate Panels

Polycarbonate panels are a good option when you need more sturdy room dividers that can withstand chemicals and another misuse. They’re composed of tough polycarbonate plastic, so they won’t be damaged by chemicals or cleansers. As a result, they’re frequently employed in industries and hospitals where acoustic panels would fail due to the harsh environment.

Unlike acoustic panel wall partitions, polycarbonate sound dividers are also very easy to clean. As a result, they are the greatest solution for any site that has a lot of mess because they can be sprayed and wiped off without causing any problems.

Well here is a list of:

Best Retractable Soundproof Walls Room Dividers:

  • VERSARE Room Divider 360 Accordian Portable Partition
  • ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers
  • Stand Steady ZipPanels Partition Room Dividers
  • Angeles Quiet Divider with Sound Sponge
  • VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

Versare Room Divider 360 Accordian Portable Partition

The VERSARE Room Divider 360 Accordion Portable Partition is a versatile product that can be positioned in a variety of ways to accommodate a range of scenarios. It is lightweight and easy to move. Each panel has a caster underneath it for simple movement, and each caster has a brake to keep the partition in place.

The VERSARE partition is available in a variety of heights ranging from 4′ to 7’6″, with various heights in between. They come in widths up to 25 feet long, making it simple to divide large areas with a single room divider partition.

The VERSARE room divider is available in a wide range of colours to match the decor in your office or to give some flavour and originality to your setting. They may be used to display art and signs with push pins, so they’re more than just pretty.

The 360-degree hinges on these panels provide unrivalled movement and versatility. Each panel can be opened or closed until it comes into contact with the next. Transport locks are also included for added security.

Material Needed
The VERSARE Room Divider 360 Accordion Portable Partition

ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

The ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers are a one-of-a-kind sound-absorbing partition that is available in individual panels. Each panel is supported by feet and can stand alone or be connected to other panels.

Zippers run down the sides of the panels to connect them and keep them together while still allowing for movement. This also means that you can lengthen or shorten your wall as needed by simply adding or removing panels.

Each panel is available in two widths: 24″ and 72″ wide and 66″ tall. Each one is covered in acoustic fabric, which comes in six distinct colours. The ReFocus panels are environmentally friendly since the fabric is constructed entirely of recycled materials, and the core is 60% recycled.

When your workstation is too noisy for you to concentrate on, these are a great option. They absorb 85% of the sound that flows through them, significantly lowering the level of noise in your work environment.

Because they’re so customizable, you might use them to create your place within a larger office. You can also utilise them as individual barriers to keep you from being distracted by a single source.

Material Needed
The ReFocus Acoustic Room Dividers

Stand Steady ZipPanels Partition Room Dividers

The Stand Steady ZipPanels Partition Room Dividers are a fantastic solution for loud offices, residences, and classrooms since they can reduce ambient noise by 85 per cent to create a tranquil environment. They’re simple to set up and don’t require any tools. To separate the panels, simply unzip them from each other, or zip them together to form a wall.

These dividers do not have wheels or casters, but they may be readily carried separately for transit or rearrangement. The seams are flexible because they’re connected with zippers, providing you with a lot of options for how you can arrange these panels.

These panels, which come in five neutral colours, will look great in any professional setting, but they’ll also look great in your home. They’re built entirely of recycled eco-friendly materials and are completely trackable, allowing them to double as a bulletin board.

Each panel is 72″ wide, allowing you to cover a huge area with just a few panels. They weigh 36.5 pounds each without the feet and 11 pounds more with the feet on.

Material Needed
The Stand Steady ZipPanels Partition Room Dividers

Angeles Quiet Divider with Sound Sponge

The Angeles Quiet Divider with Sound Sponge is a professional-looking but straightforward set of panels that come in black, grey, and powder blue. These panels feature a rippling pattern that blends very well with the background. The outer is comprised of ribbed, stain-resistant fabric, while the inner is a solid foam that absorbs sound.

Each divider is 8 feet wide and features panels that can stand on their own. Due to their flexible joints, the panels may be easily adjusted into various shapes. This provides for a variety of panel configurations and soundproofing options. The panels are all 48 inches tall, which provides enough of a barrier to keep coworkers at their workstations or family members at home out.

Cover a wall from floor to ceiling or other openings where noise could enter with two dividers. The panels’ magnetic end parts allow additional units to be connected for even better noise reduction.

The Angeles wall partitions are also foldable and can be folded up with Velcro for convenient storage and transportation.

Material Needed
The Angeles Quiet Divider

VaRoom Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

The Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider, unlike the full-size soundproof wall dividers I just examined, is a considerably smaller product that isn’t supposed to stand on the floor at all. Instead, this item attaches to the side of your desk, providing you with privacy from your coworkers at the other desks.

The S Standup Desktop Divider has a screw-in type c-clamp on each end so you can quickly mount it to the edge of your desk or table. The clamps will not damage your property and may be readily removed at any moment.

These dividers come in a variety of sizes to ensure that they are the right fit for your office. They’re all 18″ tall, which is the ideal height for mounting to your desk without being obtrusive to the rest of the office. You may get separators in lengths of 24″, 48″, and even 60″ broad.

These dividers not only provide privacy from the irritating activities of others around you, but they also suppress sound in open environments by up to 85%. You’ll have a much quieter, more private office once you’ve surrounded your desk with these dividers, and you’ll find it much easier to concentrate on the task at hand.

Material Needed
The Acoustic Desktop Privacy Divider

When Purchasing Retractable Wall, Consider the Following Factors

  • Material
  • Number of Panels
  • Maximum Height
  • Portability
  • Size
  • Storage
  • Price


You should now understand what soundproof retractable walls are and how they might help your office or living space. We talked about the most crucial considerations to make when purchasing a soundproof barrier. I also looked at some of the best room dividers on the market.

If you found this article to be useful in helping you live a quieter, more tranquil life, please feel free to share it so that others can benefit from it as well. If you have any questions or comments, please post them in the comment box below so that I can respond.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are soundproof retractable walls soundproof?

Retractable room dividers are the greatest acoustically operable technology for places where noise reduction is the major goal. The acoustic dividers are ideal for use in meeting rooms, offices, conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, and other similar settings.

Are soundproof walls soundproof?

Only because they have a moderate amount of bulk, soundproof panels work quite well in dampening mid and high-frequency sound waves. Because soundproof panels are less capable of insulating low-frequency sound waves with long wavelengths, they do not completely prevent noise.

Do soundproof panels keep noise out?

Acoustic panels are not designed to keep sound in or out of space and do not block any sound. Sound absorption is achieved via acoustic panels, which is not the same as sound blocking.

Do room dividers reduce noise?

There are numerous advantages to using soundproof room dividers. The most obvious benefit is that they absorb noise. They can usually absorb more than 75% of the noise which keeps you from getting some peace.

How effective are room dividers?

Due to the nature of their construction, they are ineffective at soundproofing. They normally do not cover the entire height of the room and cannot be erected the same way that curtains can. So, if you want to use a room divider to prevent sound, you’ll need to buy a curtain.

How do you soundproof a room for privacy?

Installing acoustic foam panelling on one or more of your bedroom walls is a quick and effective technique to absorb noise and reduce the amount of sound that enters the room. Panels come in a wide range of textures and colours, allowing you to have some fun with the project.